Fallout 3 is as beloved now as it was upon its release more than 15 years ago. That's why fans everywhere are clamouring for a remaster.


While Bethesda has been quiet about the possibility of upgrading the apocalyptic wastelands for modern consoles, it has been making a lot of announcements in the wake of the Fallout TV show.

Most recently, it revealed that Fallout 4 would be receiving its long overdue next-gen upgrade.

Now, as popular as Fallout 4 is, Fallout 3 is the one that truly took the game to the next level with its massive open world and more action-orientated gameplay.

So, what's happening with a rumoured Fallout 3 remaster? And why are people suddenly talking about it happening?

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Well, we've rounded up all the latest details in one place to answer just that. Read on for more.

Will there be a Fallout 3 Remastered?

A member of the Brotherhood of Steel in power armour looking at the camera with Washington DC destroyed in the background
Fallout 3. Bethesda

No official Fallout 3 remaster has been announced by Bethesda, at the time of writing.

That said, several Microsoft documents leaked in September 2023 (via IGN) as part of Microsoft's trial over its acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Published by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), these documents revealed many upcoming projects coming from Bethesda, with a remaster of Fallout 3 noted. This has naturally led to speculation that an announcement is imminent.

When could a potential Fallout 3 Remastered release date be? Our speculation

Fallout 3 wasteland showing The Lone Wanderer and a dog
Fallout 3. Bethesda

According to the FTC documents published during Microsoft's acquisition of Activision Blizzard, the rumoured Fallout 3 remaster was slated to be released in the financial year of 2024.

This period runs from April 2024 to March 2025 - however, these documents were a few years old when they surfaced, so anything could have happened since then. The game could have been delayed or cancelled, for instance.

Only time will tell if the Fallout 3 remaster leak comes true, but in light of the Fallout TV show making waves, we feel we'll see news before the year is out - potentially at Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest in June or Gamescom in August.

Then again, Bethesda sometimes just drops announcements at any time.

Is there a fan-made Fallout 3 remaster? How to get it explained

Fallout 3 power armour shooting at a skeleton
Fallout 3. Bethesda

Yes, there are a few Fallout 3 remaster mods built by fans over the years. The best place to find them is via Nexus Mods, where users upload their creations for people to try out.

Some have not been updated for years (the game did come out in 2008), so quite a few are a bit outdated.

One from WMDBloodHunter that overhauls the interiors, exterior, DLC as well as adding cut content was last updated in 2023. Just make sure to check the PC requirements.

Fallout 3 is available across PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows.

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