At the Xbox Showcase today (Sunday 9th June), Bethesda revealed an awesome-sounding new feature for Fallout 76 — for the first time ever in an official Fallout game, you will be able to play as a ghoul when this update arrives next year.


Prior to the showcase, attended a Fallout 76 event in London and had the chance to ask one of the key developers about this ghoulish upcoming addition.

"It's awesome," said Bill LaCoste, lead producer at Bethesda Game Studios on Fallout 76. You can see more of what he said in the video above, or keep reading for the typed-up version.

LaCoste added: "Being able to work on what this feature is going to be, and how it's going to function, and have it be the first time that you could play as a ghoul in a Fallout IP, I think is amazing. It's really cool."

And yes, LaCoste is well aware that Fallout's ghouls, those nose-less irradiated humans, have become highly popular lately thanks to Walton Goggins's scene-stealing performance as one in the Fallout TV show.

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The developer admits: "Honestly, there's maybe, like, a slight bit of inspiration from the show, but we've always kind of wanted to do something like this [...] But then, also, to see the popularity of The Ghoul or Cooper in the show, it's like, 'Okay, this is perfect.' Like, people really do actually want to engage with this, and let's give them the opportunity to do it."

Walton Goggins as The Ghoul in Fallout TV show in a cowboy hat
Walton Goggins (The Ghoul) in Fallout. Prime Video

As for how becoming a ghoul in Fallout 76 will work, LaCoste tells us, "After level 50, there will be a way for you to go on a path to becoming a ghoul."

LaCoste also said, "There's a lot of really cool stuff happening with the ghoul," before giving a specific example of how being a ghoul will work in action.

He teased: "The Ghoul has their own perk cards, which will be interesting, because you'll go in and, like, a ghoul will probably not be very effective in a bloodied build, you know?

"So all the unyielding armour that maybe someone built out, or the bloodied weapons that they have, aren't going to be as effective, because the ghoul will never take on radiation. If anything, the radiation will help and boost the ghoul's abilities.

"So what kind of builds and loadouts are people going to create now? I'm anxious to see that. I'm really excited to see that."

As with any new feature being added into a big multiplayer online game like this, Fallout 76 players are sure to invent fun new ways to play once they transform into ghouls.

"I think all that factors into future content as well," LaCoste noted. "You know, we still, ultimately, want to make sure that, if someone did choose a ghoul, that there's not some level of content that they're not able to engage with at that point.

"I think that would be kind of unfair to some players, as well. So I think you'll still be able to engage with both sides, or maybe [with] some differences, especially like in dialogue or results or rewards and things like that, that would be specific to a ghoul."

As for when players can start living their red-faced cowboy fantasies, an exact playable ghoul release date has not been announced yet, but the Fallout 76 developers have said they are aiming for an early 2025 release. As we hear more, we'll be sure to update you!

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