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Best PS5 games you can play right now

From Spidey to Astro to Sackboy.

spider-man remastered

The PS5 is finally here, with many fans thrilled to finally be playing games on the new generation of console. Although not everyone was able to get one as demand was huge and people are still trying to find out where there’s PS5 stock available as they sold out within minutes, much like Xbox Series X stock.


But for those who have one, and those that are still planning to get hold of one, the question is… what are the best games to pick up?

We’ve chosen 10 of the best that can be played on the PS5 right now from new games that have been released for the new console to some older games that will work on it thanks to PS5 backwards compatibility.

Best games to play on the PS5 now

Spider-Man Remastered


One of the greatest superhero games of all time? Almost certainly. Spider-Man won all the acclaim when it was first released and if you never played it before and you do own a PS5, then buying the remastered version of the game is a no-brainer. Graphics have been hugely improved (and they already looked great) and the story is up there with the great Spidey tales from all media over the years. A must buy if you have even the slightest interest in the superhero genre. And not only that, but you can buy it alongside the new Miles Morales game. Speaking of which…

Buy now at GAME for £62.99

Spider-Man Miles Morales


Anticipation was massive for the Miles Morales follow up to Spider-Man and it did not disappoint with another epic story that stands on its own even without the legacy of the previous game. The latest update has seen ray-tracing come into play and this is one of the best looking games of the new generation… It can be purchased on its own or alongside the remaster of Spider-man if you fancy playing through that too.

Buy now at Amazon for £44.99

God of War

god of war ps5

Already a must-play for the PlayStation 5 before the update came along, now the game is an absolutely essential one to play as with said upgrade it looks stunning. So if you haven’t already experienced this reboot of the long-running franchise, or even if you have, now is the time to play through it and remind yourself, or if out for the first time, why it is a classic – and it is not just because the legendary Christopher Judge is a key voice in it.

Buy now at GAME for £12.99

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

assassins creed valhalla eivor

Taking the Creed franchise and placing it in the heart of the violent Viking invasion of England is the perfect match with a game that is funny, exciting and stunning to look at. Tweaking the gameplay from previous instalments and upping the violence, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is an, at times, brutal game to play and there is enough in there aside from the long campaign to keep players coming back to it to find all there is to discover.

Buy now at Amazon for £49.99

The Last of Us 

last of us

It would remiss not to mention The Last of Us, one of the biggest success stories from the PlayStation game world and a must-play if the PS5 is your first Sony console. Originally released for the PS3, the game was remastered for the PS4 and that is the version you are going to want to play as the differences are certainly notable. An epic story that will put you through the wringer emotionally, there is also the sequel to play too that got, mostly, just as much love.

Buy now at Amazon for £14.99

Demon Souls

demon souls

Maybe you played the game originally on the PS3 and think you got everything out of it? Well, that may have been the case until this remake, which is a full remake that makes the game run so much better than it ever has before while looking like a brand new title at the same time. This is a ground-up rebuild and it shows from the moment the epic game starts up and it will once again suck you in and not let you go – a truly epic experience.

Buy now at Amazon for £64.99

Astro’s Playroom

astros playroom

It may seem odd to recommend a game that came free with the PS5 and it is entirely possible that many will not have given it a try yet. But try you must as not only will this highlight just how incredible the PS5 controller is, but it is a ton of fun even without that quirk with some great puzzles and a brilliant sense of humour about it. It was a game that we only picked up to try while we waited for another one to install and we ended sinking hours into it- that’s a sign of a game being sneakily addictive.

Ghost of Tsushima

ghosts of tsushima

Whilst many were a tad critical of the open-world aspect of the game, Ghosts of Tsushima more than made up for any shortcomings there with an incredible story, stunning visuals and combat that was a ton of fun. It was nominated for numerous awards when it came out and was instantly one of the biggest selling games on the PS4. This is a delight to play and another example of Sony putting a huge focus on telling a complex and interesting story.

Buy now at Amazon for £47.99


fifa 21

An annual staple of the gaming world, if you love FIFA then you are going to want to play the latest version, FIFA 21, on your PS5 as the game has never looked better than it does when played on the new generation of console. PS5 owners have run into some difficulty getting the game upgraded, but when it does work, it remains just as much fun to play as the series, mostly, has. We do miss journey mode though.

Buy now at Amazon for £47.99

Rocket League

rocket league

Do you love cars? What about football? Or the word “free”? If all of those things appeal to you then get downloading Rocket League which is one of the most fun pick up and play games out there. The main mode sees you trying to knock a giant ball into your opponents net while driving a huge range of vehicles, but there are multiple other modes, and a huge array of cars to try out, to keep you busy. And given that it costs nothing now, you have nothing to lose by giving it a go – with the exception of all of your spare time as it is highly addictive.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure


The LittleBigPlanet spin-off is a super fun game to play for the PS5 and one that is easy to lose hours in when you only meant to play a quick game. It is a blast to look at with the bright colours and the fun environments really coming to life and while the platformer can get a little frustrating at times, it does feel good when you get through a particularly tricky section and it is the type of game that will be fun to revisit for years to come.

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