With the launch of the PS5, a console many people are still struggling to get hold of thanks to the problems with PS5 stock, came the launch of a fancy new controller to use - the PS5 DualSense controller!


This is by far the best controller that PlayStation has given us yet and it is the one to beat across all platforms. It feels great, it plays brilliantly, and the added extras like the lights and the sound that come out of it are the icing on a cake that was sweet enough to begin with.

But if you have one, how do you charge it? You have a couple of options to choose from!

How to charge your PS5 DualSense controller


Let's get the important detail out of the way first - what kind of charger does the PS5 controller use? Your PS5 DualSense controller uses a USB-C connection port which are becoming the norm for more and more gadgets and devices now so you should have an extra couple of wires knocking about already. They are cheap to buy if you ever need a replacement.

Your PS5 will come with one anyway and the recommended way to charge it is by connecting it to the console. From time to time, you will get updates that the controller will need and the only way to get it done is to connect it like this - may as well leave it to charge at the same time.

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But what if, like the writer of this article, your console is across the other side of the room and too far away to charge and play comfortably, can you charge a PS5 controller in the wall? Happily yes you can - providing you have a USB-C wire and it delivers at least five volts of power.

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Most phones will have a USB-C connection nowadays as it is the most common port so take advantage of them! But if you are asking 'can I use an iPhone charger to charge my PS5 controller' then the answer is a nope. Apple seems to like making things difficult and they have their own charging ports unique to them.

You can also go for a charging station if you want something you can just place the controller on to charge - they charge up to two controllers at once and are a great investment.

Whichever way you choose to charge your PS5 controller though, look for it to glow orange in the middle to show that the connection has been established and then just wait for it to turn blue to indicate a full charge.


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