With Hogwarts Legacy dropping on the Nintendo Switch today, there will be a batch of new gamers exploring the exquisitely realised interpretation of the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry. Once you've been sorted into your house, there's plenty to do and explore.


There are a few challenges along the way, of course. And you'll run into one of them pretty early, when you try to get through certain doors only to be faced with a maths problem.

If maths isn't your subject (we'd rather spend the whole day in Divination), then fear not. We're here to help you out with those pesky Hogwarts Legacy door puzzles. You'll have your hands on the treasure within in no time!

How to solve the Hogwarts Legacy door puzzle

To solve the Hogwarts Legacy door puzzle, you will need to complete a maths question relating to the animal symbols that appear around the doors.

Scattered throughout the long game’s map, you will occasionally come across a locked door you can interact with covered in numbers and pictures of animals.

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The animal symbols appear around these doors, too. You will need to choose the correct animal symbol on the rollers beside these doors to solve the puzzle and unlock the door, by completing a maths question.

Solving the puzzle doors in Hogwarts Legacy will unlock them and reveal hidden rooms containing treasure chests for you to open. It’s definitely worth solving every door puzzle you come across.

Fortunately, solving these door puzzles is simple enough, even if it does look tricky initially. The game provides you with the answers in a collectable clue sheet. Head to the top floor of the library annex and you can pick up a piece of paper telling you that each animal symbol is worth a number between 0-9.

Let’s say you’ve found the door with the number 17 in its top centre circle surrounded by the number six, a picture of a crab, and a question mark. Your job is to find out the value of the question mark and use the roller on the left of the door to select the correct animal symbol. In this instance, the answer is the lizard/newt as that is worth six. Essentially, six + crab (five) + lizard (six) = 17. You will need to figure out, too, whether each puzzle is an addition or subtraction question.

Hogwarts Legacy numbers and symbols explained

Hogwarts Legacy door puzzle numbers and symbols

Each animal symbol in the Hogwarts Legacy door puzzle has an assigned number. As stated above, you can find a cheat sheet telling you what each animal is worth. We’ve put this cheat sheet in the image above for you. Bookmark this page and come back every time you come across a puzzle door.

Alternatively, the symbols are worth the following numbers:

  • Owl: zero
  • Unicorn: one
  • Dragon: two
  • Hydra: three
  • Demiguise: four
  • Quintaped (crab): five
  • Salamander (lizard/newt): six
  • Octopus: seven
  • Spider: eight
  • Snake: nine

The animals always appear in the correct numerical order around each door frame, too. Starting with the Owl in the bottom left, stretching around to the Snake in the bottom right.

Alternatively, if you wish to not do any maths for yourself, you can watch this handy video from YouTuber ESO showing you the location of each door, the exact location of the cheat sheet, and how to solve each numbers and symbols riddle:

That’s all there is to know about the Hogwarts Legacy door puzzles. Now get out there and open those magically locked doors and claim the prizes within.

Hogwarts Legacy puzzle door rewards

The rewards behind these puzzle doors do vary, with each room giving the plays a randomised assortment of gear and chests to loot.

Usually, this will include some gear, gold, or Room of Requirement item. You may also find a few hidden Field Guide pages, and even the Arithmancy classroom.

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