Now that the game has launched on Nintendo Switch, everyone's able to join in the fun and make the best Hogwarts Legacy potions. It's time to make Snape proud and become the best potion brewer this side of Hogsmeade.


Along with needing a good deal of spells and curses to beat certain enemies and complete certain tasks, you'll also need a selection of potions at the ready. Fortunately, there are plenty of potions available.

And while you can just buy the potions, we recommend brewing them yourselves. You want something to be proud of, right?

Read on to find out how to make Hogwarts Legacy potions, how to get recipes, where to find the ingredients you'll need, and to see the full list of potions and recipes in the game.

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How to make potions in Hogwarts Legacy

The easiest way to make potions in Hogwarts Legacy is to head to your potions station and select which potion you want to brew.

If you follow the main story in Hogwarts Legacy, it won't take you long to learn how to make potions. Once you've had your first lesson with Professor Sharp, you will be able to make potions in two main places — those would be the Potions classroom and the Room of Requirement, the latter of which will be unlocked later in the main story.

In one of these rooms, interacted with the potion station, and choose the potion you want to make from the menu that appears. As long as you have the recipe and the ingredients listed on it, the potion should be ready to collect soon. They take a few seconds to brew, and a timer should be visible when you hover nearby.

How to get potion recipes in Hogwarts Legacy

You can pick up some potion recipes during the Hogwarts Legacy main story, but most of them need to be bought from the potions shop in Hogsmeade.

Before you make a potion in Hogwarts Legacy, you will first need to get the recipe for it.

This handy store is called J Pippin's Potions and you should be able to spot it on the Hogsmeade map. And remember, you can always sell your unwanted gear to make a bit of extra spending money when you need it, or consider seeking out those eye chests for 500 gold each time.

Where to find potion ingredients in Hogwarts Legacy

So you've bought the recipe for the potion of your dreams, but where exactly are you meant to get the ingredients? The easiest way is to buy potion ingredients from the shops in Hogsmeade — you'll find some of the ingredients at J Pippin's Potions, while others are only available at The Magic Neep.

If you're trying to find Fluxweed Stem for Professor Sharp's assignment homework, you need to go to The Magic Neep in this case. This herb-stuffed stall is also located in Hogsmeade and it has slightly different stock to J Pippin's Potions. Alternatively, you can buy Fluxweed Seeds from The Magic Neep and plant them in a large pot.

Of course, you will also find potions ingredients as you explore the open world. We'd highly recommend picking up any random mushroom or item that you happen across, because it will probably come up later in some sort of useful way.

The final way to find ingredients is to grow them yourself. You can grow Hogwarts Legacy plants after completing your first Herbology class, in either the Herbology classroom or the Room of Requirement.

Hogwarts Legacy potions list: All recipes & ingredients

Before you head to your potion station, you'll need the right ingredients as well as the recipe, of course. The full list of potion recipes, what they all do, and what you need to make them are all listed below:

Wiggenweld Potion recipe (restores health)

  • 1 Horklump Juice
  • 1 Dittany Leaves

Edurus Potion recipe (improves defence for a short time)

  • 1 Ashwinder Eggs
  • 1 Mongrel Fur

Maxima Potion recipe (increases spell damage for a short time)

  • 1 Leech Juice
  • 1 Spider Fang

Focus Potion (reduces spell cooldowns)

  • 1 Lacewing Flies
  • 1 Fluxweed Stem
  • 1 Dugbog Tongue

Felix Felicis (reveals locations of large chests for one in-game day)

  • 1 Lacewing Flies
  • 1 Fluxweed Stem

Invisibility Potion (makes you invisible for a short time)

  • 1 Leaping Toadstool Caps
  • 1 Knotgross Sprig
  • 1 Troll Bogeys

Thunderbrew Potion recipe (stuns and damages nearby enemies)

  • 1 Leech Juice
  • 1 Shrivelfig Fruit
  • 1 Stench of the Dead

It's important to note that even if you know the recipe in your real-life head, your in-game character will need to own the recipe before the game will let you make it. So as much as this list might come in handy, it won't save you in-game money!

How to use potions in Hogwarts Legacy

hogwarts legacy graphics
Hogwarts Legacy, the new Harry Potter game, involves plenty of potions. Avalanche Games/Warner Bros

Now that you've made some potions, how are you actually meant to use them? In most cases, to use a potion in Hogwarts Legacy, you will need to press L1 to bring up a wheel of options — you can choose the potion you want to drink by using your right analogue stick.

On an Xbox controller, that would be LB instead of L1 to bring up the wheel, where you can also choose magical plants to throw at your enemies (providing that you have any of those to hand, which is a whole other matter entirely).

The only major exception to this method is the Wiggenweld Potion. To drink this health-restoring potion, you just need to press down on the D-pad (as long as you have some Wiggenweld in your inventory).

We'd definitely recommend keeping a strong supply of potions about your person if you want to make the combat easier!

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