Unless you've been living under a rock, you should know that Hogwarts Legacy isn't like the Harry Potter games that have come before. Not only is there no sign of the titular boy wizard, being set in the 19th century, but the gameplay itself is pretty novel for the franchise.


Hogwarts Legacy is an RPG, and it includes elements associated with the genre - crafting, XP, and progression through various abilities. And it wouldn't be an RPG without the ability to deck your character up in the best gear.

If you're new to the genre, or just want a hand equipping your character, then we're here to help you out. We'll discuss what the best gear is, as well as provide tips and tricks as to how to get the best magical outfit.

Which gear colour is best in Hogwarts Legacy?

First, we'll talk about what the different colours mean. The colour in the square icon, behind the image of the gear, refers to the rarity of the item.

The starter items have that dark blue that you're probably very familiar with. The rarest (and probably best) items have an orange background. Going from best to worst, these are the gear colours in Hogwarts Legacy:

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  1. Legendary (Orange)
  2. Extraordinary (Purple)
  3. Superb (Light Blue)
  4. Well-Appointed (Green)
  5. Standard (Dark Blue)

How to get rare gear in Hogwarts Legacy

Now that you know about the colour codes, you're probably wondering how to get that rare gear.

What you'll need to do is aim for the side quests that involve puzzles. These ones usually reward you with higher quality threads (like the Extraordinary and Legendary gear).

Bear in mind that the gear that's dropped out in the world will be in accordance to the player's current level. So if you're just starting out, you're unlikely to come across a Legendary item! Keep working on side missions and make sure to open every chest you can, and you should gradually assemble a better outfit as you go.

How to upgrade your gear in Hogwarts Legacy

It wouldn't be an RPG without the upgrades! You can upgrade your gear after you've completed a quest called The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom (this is part of the main story, so you shouldn't miss it).

Once you have the blueprint of the Loom, you can make it using the conjuring spell in the Room of Requirement. The Loom is a cool-looking thing, and it's what you'll be using to upgrade your gear and add 'traits' with special perks.

However, before you upgrade you'll need the required materials - and these come from rescued beasts. The more beasts you tame, the more materials will become available to you - whenever a beast is fed and groomed in a Vivarium, you'll be able to pick up an item from them.

What is the very best gear in the game?

There are so many combinations available, it's hard to define the definitive "best" outfit!

However, we recommend decking yourself up with as much Legendary gear you can get your hands on - if you can gather an all-orange outfit, you'll be pretty hard to beat in battle. Of course, use the Extraordinary if you don't yet have Legendary.

And don't forget to use the Loom on a regular basis to beef up those stats and add relevant traits (eg, if you're about to face Ranrok or another goblin in battle, you can add traits to your gear that will reduce your damage taken from goblin weaponry).

Check out this video from YouTuber KaidGames2 on how to create a particularly evil build (if you're that way inclined).

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