Now that Hogwarts Legacy is finally available on every platform with the release of the Switch version, it's worth a reminder on its various gameplay systems.


During the game, you'll level up your character to unlock new talents and skills - but what is the Hogwarts Legacy level cap?

You can reach a maximum level in the game, unfortunately, so your created character does have a talent points limit. Reaching the level ceiling will mean that your character can get no stronger.

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Levelling up will unlock talent points that you can spend on improving spells. This process should begin from level 5 onwards. These talent points can only be spent once and cannot be reassigned, so you will need to choose what spells to improve carefully.

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Read on to find out what the Hogwarts Legacy level cap is, to find out how to spend talent points and to discover what the best talents are in the game.

Hogwarts Legacy level cap: What is the max level?

The Hogwarts Legacy max level cap is 40. Your character will stop levelling up once they reach level 40. Unfortunately, this means that you won’t be able to unlock every talent point and you will need to instead focus on just one or two areas to improve.

While there is the possibility that the development team will add in a new game plus mode or increase the level cap alongside a future update or DLC release (with players hoping for a Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer mode), for now, you won’t be able to climb above level 40.

If you’re after every Hogwarts Legacy trophy/achievement, meanwhile, you will want to reach the game’s max level as doing so will unlock the 'A Forte for Achievement' trophy. Also, you will be a massively powerful witch/wizard with the best abilities the game has to offer.

How many talent points do you get in Hogwarts Legacy

You will be able to earn a total of 36 talent points in Hogwarts Legacy after hitting the max level cap of level 40. Beginning at level 5, you will start to earn talent points each level you gain.

With 48 talents split across the various skill trees, you won't be able to max out every talent, and will have to choose which 12 talents you don't want to have.

As you cannot change your chosen talents after spending the points, you really will need to think hard about which talents to prioritise.

Hogwarts Legacy talent points: What are the best talents?

The best way to spend your Hogwarts Legacy talent points will be down to how you wish to play the game. Given there is a limited number of talent points to spend, you will need to plan your spending carefully to maximise your character’s potential before hitting level 40.

Let’s say, though, that you’re looking to play in a gung-ho manner, favouring powerful magic attacks over stealth and potion or plant use. If playing in this style, it will be wise to spend your points on the Spells, Dark Arts, and Core skill trees. This will maximise your attack power.

Focus on talents that beef up your offensive spells to make battling the toughest enemies a little easier and more fun. Look out for talents that increase the effect range on fire spells, and make offensive spells chain multiple enemies at once, for example.

In general, it’s a great idea to spend talent points in the Core section of the skill tree. There are some learnable skills here that will let you have more spells applied as shortcuts. The less time you spend fumbling around in menus looking for spells to use, the better.

Obviously, if you’re looking for stealthy options, spend your points in the Stealth section. The Human Demiguise skill is a useful one as it allows you to sprint while using the Disillusionment spell.

And if you want to beef up your character in other ways beyond the spending of talent points, head to the Room of Requirement regularly to get the most out of potions, plants, creatures and upgrades to your gear.

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