Unlike the many Harry Potter movie games we've had over the years (including the LEGO titles), Hogwarts Legacy is quite a hefty game. That shouldn't be surprising, because we knew from its announcement back in 2020 that would be an open world RPG.


Well, now we know for sure of its length and yes, it's longer than any previous Wizarding World game by quite a bit. On top of the expansive open world that takes you way beyond Hogwarts, there are lessons, side quests, and a long and detailed main story. And on top of that, there's also the replay value. Not every play-through will be the same, especially if you choose a different house.

So, how long is Hogwarts Legacy exactly? With its upcoming release on PS4 and Xbox One, you new gamers might be wondering what you're in for. Fear not, because we'll share all below.

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How long is Hogwarts Legacy?

It should take around 30-35 hours to beat Hogwarts Legacy if you focus primarily on the story. As it is an open-world game, filled with exploration and side quests, you could be playing it for a lot longer than that.

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Given the size and scope of the game, it's not unlikely that unlocking every Hogwarts Legacy trophy/achievement will take 70 hours or more, especially if you're going for that 100% completion or Platinum trophy. This is a game that will be as long as you want it to be.

Of course, its length will all depend on how long you spend exploring/taking in the sights and sounds of Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and other areas. If you skip through most of the exploration and additional content, you could beat the game and all the Hogwarts Legacy main quests in around 20-25 hours. Playing on easy difficulty mode will make it a little shorter, too, if you're concerned by its length.

Based on everything above, it’s easy to suggest that you should be playing the game for around 40-50 hours if you’re looking to take your time in its story mode, to take in the sights and complete a good handful of side quests.

This isn't a game you'll be completing comfortably in a weekend thanks to its dozens of hours in length.

How big is Hogwarts Legacy? Open world size explained

The Hogwarts Legacy map size is big. It's 2.95 square miles big, to be exact. You'll have plenty of map to explore and different locations to visit in your time spent in-game.

There are plenty of larger maps in gaming, but trust us when we say that 2.95 square miles is more than big enough to spend a few dozen hours in.

In total, the map is made up of 15 areas to explore. Spoilers follow, so those who don't want the Hogwarts Legacy map locations ruined for them should look away now.

  • Clagmar Coast
  • Coastal Cavern
  • Cragcroftshire
  • Feldcroft Region
  • Forbidden Forest
  • Hogsmeade Valley
  • Hogwarts
  • Hogwarts Valley
  • Manor Cape
  • Marunweem Lake
  • North Ford Bog
  • North Hogwarts Region
  • Poidsear Coast
  • South Hogwarts Region
  • South Sea Bog

Dotted around the landscape are hamlets, and these little villages have their own local NPC residents and merchants, as well as collectables to find and secrets to unearth. So, there should be plenty to keep you busy!

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