Hogwarts Legacy may be the Harry Potter game that fans dreamed of for years, but the long wait might have pushed some would-be wizards to a path of darkness.


So, for those players, we'll be looking at whether you can be evil in Hogwarts Legacy, morality and how to get Avada Kedavra – the Killing Curse.

There are some definitely nasty and morally dubious things you can get up to in Hogwarts Legacy, but can you become something akin to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named?

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As Avada Kedacra may suggest, you can kill people in Hogwarts Legacy - and there is a very dark quest involving Slytherin student Sebastian as part of obtaining the spell.

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But with so little time and so much evil to get up to, we won't keep you!

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Can you be evil in Hogwarts Legacy? Morality explained

While you can make certain choices and use spells that may be considered morally questionable, you cannot canonically be evil in Hogwarts Legacy.

Essentially, there's no version of the story where you'll be recognised as inherently evil and rise up as a proto-Voldemort. However, this also means you won't be punished for any mischievous or immoral acts.

Unlike several RPGs that have a clear morality system - think Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Hogwarts Legacy has no such system outlining whether your character and their actions are good or bad.

The Hogwarts Legacy FAQ states: "Hogwarts Legacy does not have a morality system, but players will encounter various quests and storylines that will influence the witch or wizard they choose to become."

You do have the option of slightly meaner conversation options throughout, even if they have little impact on the overall story. But if you choose to pursue the side missions of Slytherin student Sebastian, you'll unlock one undoubtedly evil spell...

Hogwarts Legacy Avada Kedavra - how to get the Killing Curse

Yes, in Hogwarts Legacy you can unlock Avada Kedavra, the fabled Killing Curse and the strongest of the Unforgivable Curses, by following Sebastian Sallows' quest line.

As hinted above, to unlock Avada Kadavra you'll fittingly have to complete a few side quests for a Slytherin pupil named Sebastian Sallow. You'll have to complete his quest line, up to and including a mission named In the Shadow of the Relic, to unlock the curse.

You'll need to be at least level 28 to complete this quest, which is even higher than the final quest of the main story - meaning it's likely you'll have to beat the game before you start spamming Killing Curses. Many of Sebastian's quests are missable also, so you'll have to look out for him if you're intent on becoming a wizard murderer.

You'll be rewarded with Avada Kedavra at the end of In the Shadow of the Relic, after fighting off a cave full of Inferi and a short boss battle.

As in the Harry Potter film series, Avada Kedavra is an instant kill and unblockable - even against bosses! While it may take the challenge out of the game, we're sure it will be immensely satisfying to one-hit some of the previous enemies - especially the many, many spiders...

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