If you're new to the game you're probably wondering what the deal with Fallout 4 power armour is. We're here to tell you exactly what the deal is.


Besides the Vault Boy, power armour is up there as one of the most recognisable Fallout trademarks.

Power armour affords the player increased damage resistance and strength, as well as negating fall damage.

As an added bonus, by selecting the right Fallout 4 perks, you can even cause serious damage with the suit by charging and landing on top of enemies.

The long and the short of it: power armour is worth finding and equipping in Fallout 4.

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Keep reading to find out all there is to know about Fallout 4 power armour locations. We'll also let you in on how to repair it and how to mod it to get even more out of the armour.

Fallout 4 power armour locations

Fallout 4 trophies
Fallout 4.

There are tons of potential locations in which you can find a power armour suit in Fallout 4, with many variables influencing whether or not they will spawn, so here is a list of areas where they are guaranteed to appear, plus the model type:

  • Atom Cats garage - T-60 minus a helmet. Found near the back of the garage. It is technically owned, so it must be either stolen or purchased from Rowdy.
  • Glowing Sea cave - Raider. Located inside a tunnel.
  • Mass Bay Medical Center - T-45 minus a helmet. Located inside the Radiology department.
  • Museum of Freedom - T-45. On the roof next to a crashed Vertibird.
  • Main deck of the Prydwen (aircraft carrier) - 3 T-60s with Knight liveries and a standard T-60.
  • Vinyl pop factory on Mount Desert Island - T-51. In a power armour repair bay.
  • Ambassador truck - T-51. Found in the truck on Mount Desert Island north of the National Park visitor's centre.
  • Nuka World - T-51 and a Quantum X-01 power armour. The former is on display and the latter is inside the main exhibit.
  • Robotics disposal ground - T-45 minus a helmet.

A full list of locations can also be found in Thomas Xplores's superbly detailed video on YouTube, which is below:

How to find the X-01 power armour suit in Fallout 4

Many players consider the X-01 power armour suit to be the best piece of equipment you can obtain in the game because of its all-round statistics, proving tough to damage and equally powerful in dishing out an assault.

However, it is also very hard to find a complete set in one location. Below we have listed the steps you’ll need to follow to find one without having to traipse around the Commonwealth collecting helmets and chest plates.

  • Travel to Custom House Tower which is fairly central in the Commonwealth map.
  • Head to the west until you reach a building called Court 35.
  • This area is filled with enemies, so arm yourself like a Terminator and prepare for battle.
  • Once you have cleared the building out, walk to the roof and you will find the X-01 power armour suit.
  • Next, you should gloat about your success.

How to repair Fallout 4 power armour

A player in power armour in Fallout 4
Fallout 4. Bethesda

To repair power armour in Fallout 4 you will need to find a power armour repair station, walk into the frame wearing it and then exit the suit.

These cannot be missed as they are big, yellow frames. They can be located randomly throughout the wastelands, but areas such as Sanctuary and Home Plate have them.

Once you're in, a menu will help you identify which parts of it are most damaged with a health bar, and in exchange for certain materials such as steel, you will be able to repair it easily.

How to mod Fallout 4 power armour

To mod power armour in Fallout 4, you must walk up to the frame, exit your suit and then you will have an option on screen to craft.

Here, you will be able to improve the strength of certain parts of the armour, as well as paint it.

To do this, you will need a ton of junk and materials, so collecting scrap is important on your travels.

It is also essential to note that upgrading your Science, Blacksmith and Armourer perks will help you obtain the best mods for your power armour.

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