Following on from the sensational Fallout 3 was a tough task for Fallout: New Vegas when it was released in 2010.


However, it managed to build upon its predecessor by delivering a gripping story in a post-apocalyptic Nevada.

The gameplay remains engaging to this day, but it is fair to say that, overall, it has also shown signs of ageing.

Fortunately, Fallout has a voracious modding community who have breathed new life into the game in the years since it was released by improving its visuals and gameplay mechanics.

If you’ve got the Fallout bug after watching Amazon Prime’s new adaptation, then New Vegas is a great title to dive into - but playing with mods can be tricky, as looking for a place to begin is as daunting as stepping out of Vault 111 into the wastelands in Fallout 4 for the first time.

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But fear not, Sole Survivor, as we have prepared a guide with some pointers on how to install mods for Fallout: New Vegas, plus some tips on the best selection available.

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How to use mods in Fallout: New Vegas

There are tons of ways to install mods for Fallout: New Vegas - however, one simple way is to use a system such as Nexus Mods Manager.

Once this is installed on your PC, you will be able to visit the game’s specific page on the Nexus website and log in with the same credentials you have just used on the management system.

From there, you will be able to click download on your mod of choice, which will then appear in the mod manager.

After the download has finished, it is important to remember to make your mod active in the mod manager before loading up the game.

For alternative methods, ESO has a fantastic video on YouTube that offers some more in-depth advice on how to approach modding in New Vegas below.

Best Fallout: New Vegas mods

So, now you have your mod manager installed and you’ve visited the game’s page on Nexus, you’re probably wondering which of the heap available you should install. Read on for our tips.

Interior Lighting Overhaul

Lighting has improved drastically in video games since Fallout: New Vegas was released due to the advent of ray-tracing with the power of modern consoles.

For its time, New Vegas looked stunning and felt highly atmospheric, but replaying it now might leave you feeling underwhelmed when it comes to lighting. Sarge198’s upgrade helps to make interior lighting feel creepier and more realistic.

Unlimited Companions

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have an army of companions by your side to help you dispatch a group of scummy raiders or go toe-to-toe with super mutants?

This mod increases the game’s limit from one to infinity, as your party size can hold as many buddies as you like. So there’s no need to be stumped by excruciating conundrums like choosing between the cybernetic dog Rex or the ghoul Raul any longer.

Fallout: Scranton Branch

Some people at Dunder Mifflin say Michael Scott is the best boss, but how do you think he would fare as the ruler of the New Vegas wastelands?

Well, this mod lets you visualise just that, as it replaces the face of Mr House with that of Steve Carell, who portrayed the beloved manager in The Office.

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