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Xbox Series X and Series S price and release date revealed

Both consoles are set for a November launch - with pre-orders live now.

xbox series s x
Published: Tuesday, 8th September 2020 at 1:38 pm

Well, it took them long enough! With the rumoured release date mere months away and excitement reaching a fever pitch, Microsoft have finally revealed not only the price and Xbox Series X release date, but the smaller more budget-friendly Series S too!


Both consoles will conveniently be releasing on the same day and in a welcome surprise are cheaper than expected - and are available to pre-order right now.

So if you're hoping to get your hands on a brand new Xbox before they fly off the shelves, here's everything you need to know:

Xbox Series S

xbox series s

Let's start with the first console that Microsoft has officially confirmed the details of, the, slightly strange looking, Xbox Series S which has been heralded as the smallest Xbox ever. The disc-less, digital-only, budget version of the Xbox One X is due to be released on November 10th and will cost £249 for us here in the UK ($299 if you're based stateside).

Whilst the digital-only aspect of it will rule this one out for those who were looking forward to playing 4K blu-rays, or any disc-based products, it is perfect for those who want to enter the next generation of gaming at a cheaper price - particularly if you like to buy all your games digitally so that you can save on shelf space.

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When it comes to the specs, the Series S is understandably less powerful than the Series X, supporting only 1440p resolution with 4K upscaling. However, the Series S still boasts the same 3.6GHz CPU as the Series X - which is seriously impressive for a £249 price point - as well as a 4 teraflop GPU and 10GB of RAM.

Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

Now for the one that all Xbox fans have been waiting for. Xbox took their time revealing the price and release date of their flagship console, but eventually beat Playstation to the punch with a rather dramatic tweet:

This confirms recent leaks that the X would launch on November 10th, which seemed highly likely considering that the Series S was already scheduled for that date.

As for the price, it has been confirmed that the $499 price tag would convert to £449 here in the UK - somewhat cheaper than the £499 some leaks suggested. You can see more at our Xbox Series X price guide.

The Xbox Series X is also arguably the most powerful next-gen console with a 12 teraflop GPU and a 6.6GHz CPU, which we've broken down in our full list of the Xbox Series X specs.

You can pre-order the Xbox Series X and S from the following retailers now while stocks last - or see our Xbox Series X pre-order guide for up-to-date stock levels:


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