PS5 price: How much will the Playstation 5 cost?

PS5 is set to be released soon, but how much will you have to pay for the pleasure of the new console?

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The dawn of a new era is coming. Both Sony and Microsoft are gearing up to enter the console wars all over again with new, next-generation video game consoles coming for both.


But with us all ready for much lighter wallets in the latter part of the year, we did not have any solid information regarding their release of the PlayStation 5- all the Xbox Series X details were already announced.

But the wait is over as the official PlayStation YouTube channel streamed the PS5 Showcase event live which gave us all we need to know about the release.

Here is what we know so far about the price of the PlayStation 5.

Playstation 5 price: How much will the Playstation 5 cost?

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The PlayStation 5 will cost £449.99 here in the UK and $499.99 stateside. This matches up with the Xbox Series X and is what most of us expected it to retail at. It will be out on November 19th in the UK.

While there were many who speculated a much higher cost- we heard £549 at one point – it is quite the relief to find out that is not the case.

As for bundles, while we do not yet have any hints as to how much extra they will add on to the price, we would imagine that FIFA 21, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be featured games at launch.

The digital-only version will retail at £349.99/$399.99.

Should I wait for the PlayStation 5?

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Well, that depends how long you are willing to wait. While there are offers for multiple products on the way over the festive season, we would be surprised to see any significant drop in price for the PlayStation 5 given that we expect it to be released around that time anyway.

And if other past, successful, console launches are anything to go by, you may struggle to get hold of one after the first initial wave of sales hit stock levels. That being said, if you aren’t 4k ready yet, or you’re happy with the console you have for the moment, then most games for the foreseeable future will be available on the Playstation 4 too.


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