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PlayStation 5 price and release date revealed - and it matches the Xbox

Finally, we know all the details!

playstation 5 console
Published: Wednesday, 16th September 2020 at 10:28 pm

It has been a long time coming, a wait that has felt even longer following the reveal of the Xbox Series X price and release date, but we now know how much the hotly-anticipated PlayStation 5 will cost and when we can get our hands on it.


All the details were revealed at the PS5 showcase event tonight, 16th September, and Sony sure knows how to put on a show with numerous reveals and some stunning looking gameplay on display, as well as those key PS5 details.

Here is everything we know after watching the PS5 showcase event and if you have not yet made up your mind between the two consoles, here is all you need to know about choosing the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox Series X. And if you are tech-minded, here are all the PlayStation 5 specs that were revealed earlier in the year.

How much will the PlayStation 5 cost?

playstation 5

As was generally expected by PlayStation fans ahead of the announcement, the PlayStation 5 will cost us £449.99 here in the UK, which will be $499.99 for you readers in the USA.

This is in line with the Xbox Series X price and, generally speaking, what many of us expected the console to cost. Which will likely come as a relief to some as the price was, at one point, heavily rumoured to be £549 – £100 more than what it was just confirmed to be.

The digital-only version comes in at £359.99 which is not as much of a saving as many expected it to be. The USA price for that one is $399.99.

When is the PlayStation 5 released?

playstation 5 console

As we all thought in the wake of the various leaks that have come out in recent weeks, the PlayStation 5 will be released on 19th November here in the UK, which may come as a bit of a disappointment as many other countries will be able to get it on 12th November. Quite why there is a delay of seven days we don't know but you can be sure questions will be asked. Both versions, the main PS5 and it's digital-only counterpart will be hitting shelves, and your home, on the same day – the same move that Xbox made with its Series S alternative.

So now is the time to get that day booked off from work and to make sure you have the best, most visually stunning, PlayStation 5 games pre-ordered to play on the release day.

When can I pre-order the PlayStation 5?

The initial eave of pre-orders barely had time to be heard about before they were sold out. Round 2 was on September 25rh but that too went quickly.

Both Argos and Smyths were first out the gate at 08:00 but not surprisingly they were cleared out within minutes.

Amazon was also up bright and early with an 08:15 release, but the stock did not last long and they have already sold out too.

GAME was next to release a fresh batch, although the GAME preorders did not smoothly, followed by Very and Currys Pc World who sold out before we even really had a chance to see they were live in the first place. Fingers crossed we hear about round 3 soon!

What games were shown at the PS5 Showcase event?

legacy of hogwarts

Sony has always been a company that has put games first with the PlayStation and, as expected, they proved that tonight with some new games announced, and fresh viewings of some titles that we already knew about.

Final Fantasy XVI kicked things off with a stunning cinematic trailer that revealed it to be a PlayStation console exclusive – although it will also be on PC. Then it was time for the Miles Morales game to show its stuff with a gameplay look that really showed how great the graphics on the latest console will be.

Next up was another surprise, a game set in the Harry Potter world called Hogwarts Legacy, which looks to be quite a special treat for fans of the book and movie series. The next game in the Call of Duty series was next on display with Black Ops: Cold War showing us what the long-running franchise will look like on next-gen, with a section of one of the missions shown. Not only that, but multiplayer will be opening up for PlayStation 4 players this Friday!

Resident Evil: Village was next for horror fans, with a short and sweet look at what is to come for that game. That was followed by the super fun-looking Deathloop which appears to be one of the cooler games out next year. Speaking of cool-looking games, the special edition of Devil May Cry 5 was up next and that remaster truly does look like one worth getting for fans of the game. After that was a trailer for OddWorld's Soul Storm which was short, but lit looks enjoyable enough for a franchise that has been around since the first PlayStation.

Things then got a bit creepy with a brief teaser for Five Nights at Freddy's before we got a gameplay look at the remastered version of Demon Souls, which was first released back in 2009. Next up was Fortnite and we don't need to tell anyone what that game is as it's phenomenal success precedes it.

Then we saw a whole load of games from the past, including PS exclusives that are all coming to PlayStation Plus on launch day – there are some classics in there too! This was a huge surprise and it was followed by yet another – God of War 2 is coming and it will be called Ragnarok!

If you are thinking that now is a good time to get your hands on the previous version of the PlayStation, here are some deals that we have found for you to take advantage of.


You can see more options on our PS4 and PS4 Pro deals page.


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