Are the Married at First Sight UK couples still together? Where all the couples are now

From series one to four, here's where the Married at First Sight UK couples are now.

Married At First Sight UK

Things are certainly heating up on the fifth series of Married at First Sight UK.


The series kicked off on October 6th, with two brand new couples in the Married at First Sight UK 2020 line-up meeting for the first time and saying “I do.”

Put together by the Married at First Sight UK matchmakers, which includes Paul C Brunson, Gen Gresset and Dr Angela Smith, the couples will now decide whether they want to be together as the experiment comes to an end.

But based on previous series, just how likely is it that they’ll stay together?

MaFS first debuted in the UK in 2015, and has seen many couples be put together. But how many of them are still together together today? – Is something many want to know. takes a look at all the couples from the series and where they are now.

**Includes spoilers for all seasons of Married at First Sight UK**

Series 5 

Shareen and David

Married at First Sight UK Shareen and David
Married at First Sight UK Shareen and David
Channel 4

Shareen and David are one of the couples on the latest series of MaFS.

At 56-year-old, David – a sales director from Solihull, David – and Shareen, 47, make history as the oldest couple to ever be matched on the show.

The pair seemed to have a lot in common in the beginning, but things quickly changed on their honeymoon.

Shareen wasn’t happy with his tattoos and survival kit containing massage oil, burning scents and 30 condoms.

And fans struggled to survive the shambles between David and Shareen with many taking to social media to voice their concerns.

It will probably come as no surprise to fans that the pair are no longer together, and are no longer friends.

Nevertheless, David did recently come to Shareen’s defence on Twitter, after some fans accused of her using the show for fame.

Responding to a fan who was sticking up for Shareen, he wrote: “Totally agree, sad we didn’t better connect but thats life and the risk we accepted coming into this.”

Shareen recently opened up about her marriage to David, saying it was over in 48 hours.

In a face to face with the psychologist, Shareen said: “From day two, I knew there was a fundamental difference between us.

“The whole prepping and bag thing in case something bad happens – I feel nothing for that kind of world or that kind of mindset.”

Michelle and Owen

Married at First Sight UK Michelle and Owen
Married at First Sight UK Michelle and Owen
Channel 4

Primary school teacher Michelle, 25, and IT manager Owen Jenkins, 31, seemingly hit it off from the get go.

She instantly felt “calmer” when she saw him and he was definitely attracted to her. However, the pair soon realised they disagreed on a lot of things when they moved in together at Owen’s parents’ house in Sheffield.

It’s not known whether Michelle and Owen are still an item, but according to Heart, Owen’s Facebook page states he’s single.

Meanwhile, Michelle did an interview, where she described her ideal man as “someone to share things with and to feel like you’re part of a team.”

Could she be talking about Owen?

Series 4

Steph and Jonathan 

They were the first couple to be matched on series four of the dating show, but unfortunately their marriage wasn’t a match made in heaven.

From their honeymoon, it looked like things were off between them and the couple decided to call it quits at the final decision.

Speaking about their split, Steph said: “No regrets, weirdly. It’s a shame it didn’t work. I don’t think finding a husband is a thing that needs to happen.”

Verity and Jack

Married at First Sight UK
Verity and Jack
Channel 4

Things looked promising for Verity and Jack, however, Jack later confirmed onscreen that their paring was over, because of “a missing jigsaw puzzle”.

He said: “The last time I saw Verity was two weeks ago where I decided that we left it there and go our separate ways.

“It was hard making that decision and seeing someone get hurt. She is such an amazing girl, but I didn’t have that connection, that missing jigsaw puzzle, unfortunately we didn’t have that.”

Speaking about their divorce, a tearful Verity said:  “I really tried and I thought we were in it together, and were both gonna work at it.

Series 3

Harriet and Richard

Married at First Sight UK
Married at First Sight’s Harriet and Richard
Channel 4

When it came to science, Harriet and Richard seemed like the perfect match.

But sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be.

In the series finale, they filed for divorce after sleeping in separate bedrooms just a week into living together.

Speaking to the experts after making the decision to divorce, Harriet said: “Obviously I didn’t want, expect it to end in divorce so I think I definitely leave with a heavy heart.”

The feelings weren’t mutual though, as police officer Richard, 28, admitted he would have liked to give it longer.

“It feels so rubbish to kind of not make your wife feel that way. I think deflated just hits the nail on the head,” he said.

Stephanie and Ben

Married at First Sight UK
Stephanie and Ben
Channel 4

Their chemistry was instant, with both feeling as though they’d met their perfect match.

But the cracks started to show when they moved in together.

Ben got cold feet and ran off to Portugal. They managed to patch things up when millionaire Ben whisked Steph away to one of his apartments in Cyprus.

However, one week after the show, Ben revealed he’d left her and as their divorce finalised Ben went into the Celebrity Big Brother home and revealed that he was having a baby with his mystery girlfriend.

Series two

Lucie and Steve

The couple split after six weeks together, but have remained friends. They regularly meet up for a chat over coffee.

Melissa and Clark

Married At First Sight UK
Melissa and Clark
Channel 4

Things looked strong for Melissa and Clark. The duo went through with their wedding and even moved in together at Melissa’s London home. However, they didn’t last and split after just 5 months.

It looked like it was completely over for Sara and Adam, after the pair had a huge fight on camera as Adam got drunk on their honeymoon. Nevertheless, they moved in together.

Twelve months later, however, they got divorced due to lack of chemistry.

Caroline and Adam

Married At First Sight UK
Adam and Caroline
Channel 4

Caroline and Adam made some steps in their relationship, moving in together and even getting a pet rabbit.

However, they split after a year and Caroline has since found love with a new man.

Series one

Emma and James

Married at First Sight UK
James and Emma
Channel 4

They were the first ever couple to walk down the aisle on the show, however, things just didn’t last for Emma and James.

The pair ended their marriage 34 weeks after the wedding, admitting they weren’t sexually attracted to each other.

Sam and Jack

Sam and Jack didn’t even go through with their wedding. Sam’s family pressured her to back out and the pair ended up dating away from the show. However, it just wasn’t meant to be and they split within four months.

Kate and Jason

The couple decided to go through with their wedding, however, they broke up just days after because Jason was caught using Tinder.

Jason has since remarried, while Kate is currently single.


Series five of  Married at First Sight UK is on Channel 4 on Tuesdays at 9:15pm.  Check out what else is on with our TV Guide.