Who are Tayah and Adam? Meet Married at First Sight UK 2021 couple

Will the duo be able to make it to the end of the experiment?

Married at First Sight UK 2021 couple Tayah and Adam

It’s all happening on E4’s Married at First Sight UK.


All eight Married at First Sight UK couples have said “I do” and now it’s just left for four of them to embark on their honeymoon.

One of those couples is Tayah and Adam, who seemed to get on like a house on fire on their wedding day.

Tayah, 25, was on the lookout for “confident” guy, who would look good standing next to her, and the Married at First Sight UK experts thought that could be Adam – a 26-year-old electrician from Doncaster.

All seemed to be going well for them, however, Tayah’s family struggled to understand the experiment. Her dad didn’t show up to her wedding because he didn’t agree with it, and her mum had words with Adam during the wedding dinner.

Will they be be able to put this behind them? Here’s everything you need to know about the couple.

Who is Tayah?

Age: 25

From: Welwyn Garden City

Job: Estate agent

Instagram: @tayahvictoria

Tayah is an estate agent from Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire.

The fun-loving 25-year-old wants a man who she can look after, but he also needs to be confident and have something about himself.

Speaking ahead of her MaFS debut, Tayah said: “My happy ever after would be that I’ve always wanted to get married and wanted kids. I’ve always wanted to be a young mum. My end goal is to have that family and have that family unit. So that would be an ideal situation to come from this.”

Who is Adam?

Age: 26

From: Doncaster


Job: Electrician

Instagram: @adamaveling
Pictured: Adam, 27
Pictured: Adam, 27
Channel 4
Adam is a an electrician from Doncaster.
Having divided the majority of his time between work and the gym, he’s never had time to find himself a proper partner, so he’s hoping MaFS will help him find his dream girl.
So, what is Adam’s type?
His ideal match would have nice eyes and be “naturally pretty”. They must be ambitious, spontaneous and positive. Adam loves pushing himself, being challenged and trying new things, so wants to see his potential partner challenge him in a new way.

He’s also super competitive and, for the right person, he’d not only make time for them, but would work hard at the marriage to ensure it’s successful.

“Forcing myself into the situation where I have to be with someone – I’m only going to take positives from it. Hopefully I’ll find the right one,” he said about his decision to sign up for the show.

What happened on Tayah and Adam’s wedding day? 

It looked like a pretty successful wedding day for Tayah and Adam. Adam admitted he was attracted to her, and Tayah seemed to like what she saw.

But, if only they could get their families on side… While Adam’s family were very happy to support him in the experiment, Tayah’s dad didn’t show up for the big day, and her mum told Adam he didn’t need to force a relationship as they might not be for one another.

The night ended well, however, with the duo settling down at their hotel. They will now embark on their honeymoon, before having to move in together and see if their relationship can hold up in the real world.

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