Married at First Sight UK fans were left confused on Thursday 30th September when the final episode didn't air.


The network began showing a repeated version of Wednesday night's show, however, after the first ad break, the episode froze altogether.

Thankfully, the issue has been rectified, with E4 apologising for the error which was caused by a technical issue at the weekend.

We can confirm that the Married at First Sight UK final will air on Friday, 1st October, with no changes to the Married at First Sight UK reunion which is scheduled for Monday, 4th October.

It will see the remaining Married at First Sight UK 2021 couples decide whether they want to stay together at the final vows.

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So far, we've seen Dan and Matt, and Marilyse and Franky make their decisions - with both choosing to remain in their marriages.,

It's now left with Morag and Luke, Adam and Tayah, and Amy and Josh.

While she managed to make it to the end of the experiment with her husband, Amy considered leaving Married at First Sight UK 2021 on many occasions, telling exclusively: "It’s very different from what I thought it was going to be. I didn’t even know what the show was when I applied for it."

She added: "I literally thought it was going to be like a documentary and you just find a person, that’s it. But then when you have to add in the equation of the dinner party and all those other things, I’m not used to people being in my business 24/7, and I’m not used to being in other people’s business."

So, what time should viewers expect the Married at First Sight UK final to air?

Here's everything you need to know about Married at First Sight UK 2021, including where MaFS UK is filmed, how to watch Married at First Sight UK, and which Married at First Sight UK couples are still together.

When will the Married at First Sight UK final air?

The Married at First Sight UK final, titled Vow Renewals 2 - episode 20, will now air on Friday 1st October at 9pm, instead of Thursday, 30th September.

MAFS Afters, hosted by AJ Odudu, will follow straight after at 10pm.

A spokesperson for E4 said: "Following the incident at the weekend, ongoing technical issues have meant that Thursday night’s episode of Married at First Sight UK was a repeat from Wednesday 29th September. We apologise to the fans of the show and have worked hard to get the episode to you this evening at 9pm. We hope that when you finally watch it you can find out whether Amy & Josh, Tayah & Adam and Morag & Luke renew their vows."

The episodes will be available on All 4 shortly after transmission, and there will be no changes to the reunion show.

When is Married at First Sight UK on?

Married at First Sight UK usually airs Monday to Thursdays on E4 at 9pm.

Viewers can also catch up with all the latest drama via All 4, where episodes are uploaded after they've aired on TV.

How long is Married at First Sight UK on for?

There are 21 episodes in series six of Married at First Sight UK, and the series started on Monday, 30th August. The reunion date has been set for Monday, 4th October, which means series six will have been on air for just over a month.

Married at First Sight UK 2021 release date

Married at First Sight UK launched on Monday 30th August on E4.

Channel 4 confirmed the release date with a post on their official Instagram account, writing: Dust off your wedding hats because you’ve been invited to the weddings of the year! #MAFSUK starts Monday 30th August."

Who are the Married at First Sight UK experts?

We have three experts on hand for series 6 to dish out advice to the would-be lovers that will be meeting at the end of the aisle. This year we have Mel Schilling, who appeared on the original Australian version of the show, and she will be joining Celebs Go Dating's Paul C Brunson and Sex and Relationship Therapist, Charlene Douglas.

Click here, to read more about the Married at First Sight UK experts.

Married at First Sight UK couples

Below is a list of the original Married at First Sight UK 2021 couples:

Who are the Married at First Sight UK contestants?

The contestants were unveiled ahead of the first episode. They are:


Pictured: Adam, 27 Channel 4

Age: 26

From: Doncaster

Job: Electrician

Adam is looking for a girl with a bubbly personality and a smile on her face, but will she be smiling when she comes second to the gym?


Pictured: Alexis, 28

Age: 28

From: London

Job: Model

Model Alexis is done with all the 'bums'. Will she find the love of her life?


Pictured: Daniel, 27

Age: 27

From: Northern Ireland

Job: Holistic Sales

Dan is all about the positive vibes. With a passion for cold water swims, he just needs to find his skinny dipping partner!


Pictured: Amy, 34

Age: 34

From: Cornwall

Job: Sports journalist

Amy sees this an opportunity to finally try and let down her guard. She wants to learn what love is and take off the veneer of sassiness that has protected her from letting another person in.


Pictured: Ant, 28

Age: 28

Job: Business development

From: Manchester

Ant enjoys being centre of attention, so his perfect person would be someone who is a funny, bubbly, ambitious person and up for exploring and adventure.


Pictured: Franky, 46

Age: 46

From: Currently living in Dubai

Job: Strength and Conditioning Coach

Old school military man Franky is looking to settle down but he is very specific about what he wants, will his match live up to his expectations?


Pictured: Jordan, 27

Age: 27

From: Cardiff

Job: Personal trainer

Jordan is described as a gentle and very positive soul who's looking for someone with whom he can raise the family he never had.


Pictured: Joshua, 26

Age: 26

From: West London

Job: Insurance

Josh has ambition, competitiveness and drive which have all made him succeed at anything he turns his hand to. He’d like somebody who can understand him, but also put him in his place sometimes.


Pictured: Luke, 36

Age: 36

From: Cardiff

Job: Care home manager and firefighter

Luke's last relationship crushed his confidence and he’s spent the last year rebuilding himself. Now he thinks he’s ready to move on at this perfect junction in his life with someone who’ll love him for him.


Pictured: Marilyse, 36

Age: 36

From: Yorksire

Job: Personal trainer

The perfect guy for Marilyse would be a man who is strong minded and strong-willed. They've just got to get her two sons’ approval first, who are keen for their mum to be with someone, but they have a lot of thoughts on who that should be.


Pictured: Matt, 39

Age: 39

From:West Yorkshire

Job: Charity worker

This gentle northern soul constantly gives a lot of himself to others, and would like someone who wants the same things and somebody to grow old with.


Pictured: Megan, 25

Age: 25

From: Stoke

Job: Wellness coach

Megan is a constant entertainer and loves to sing, dance, and share her ‘good energy’ with everyone she meets. It’s important that her partner is kind and polite and she would love them to be creative, ambitious and confident.


Pictured: Morag, 30

Age: 30

From: Essex

Job: Veterinary nurse

Morag is looking for a man that wants to begin a committed relationship but doesn’t want to settle down; they must be adventurous, fun and spontaneous, and still love to party.


Pictured: Nikita, 26

Age: 26

From: County Durham

Job: Sales

Emotionally charged, stubborn and wearing her heart firmly on her sleeve, she finds that people tend to misjudge her. Nonetheless she wears those badges with pride and soon manages to win others around with her friendliness, banter and down to earth charm.


Pictured: Robert, 26

Age: 26

From: Dorset

Job: Business Protection Specialist

Ready to entertain at the drop of a hat, Robert is a fun-loving guy who's desperate to share the limelight with his future partner, providing they’ll be able to get a word in...


Pictured: Tayah, 25

Age: 25

From: Welwyn Garden City

Job: Estate agent

Fun-loving Tayah is looking for it all! She wants a man who she can look after. She wants to find someone who takes care of themselves and will look good standing next to her.

Married at First Sight UK 2021 trailer

A trailer was released ahead of the show's air date, but it only teased some of the explosive moments we've had this season:


Married at First Sight UK airs Monday – Thursdays at 9pm on E4. Check out what else is on with our TV Guide or visit our hub for more Entertainment news.