Amy and Josh were one the couples to tie the knot on series six of Married at First Sight UK.


Despite a few differences at the start of their marriage, they seemed to be going strong as Josh tried to be more open with "spiritual" Amy.

However, things took a turn during the home stays, during which Amy was clearly upset with Josh. Her friends questioned him about love and he didn't exactly give them the answers she'd have wanted, making them think the two weren't compatible.

Speaking exclusively to, Amy revealed she considered leaving Married at First Sight UK 2021 – not because of Josh, however.

The pair will decide whether they want to continue their marriage outside the show at the final vows taking place from Wednesday, 29th September.

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But, will they stay together? Or could this be the end for these two?

Here's everything you need to know about Josh and Amy, and what we know so far about their marriage and if they're still together.

Who is Amy?

Age: 34

From: Cornwall

Job: Sports journalist

Instagram: @thatsportsspice

Married at First Sight UK Amy
Married at First Sight UK's Amy Channel 4

Amy is a sports journalist from Cornwall.

With sport in her genes, she soon made it her main passion in life and now works as a sports presenter, using various platforms to discuss football and her favourite team, Chelsea FC.

With over 100k followers on Instagram, Amy is very well known in her field. She previously had a 10-year career in glamour modelling.

Asked why she signed up for the E4 dating show, Amy said: "With Married At First Sight UK, either I’m going to find the love of my life or I’m going to learn a really big lesson from it, which might lead me to the love of my life."

She hopes to learn what love is on the show and take off the veneer of sassiness that has protected her from letting another person in.

Who is Josh?

Age: 26

From: West London

Job: Insurance

Instagram: @joshuachristie_

Married at First Sight UK star Josh
Married at First Sight UK star Josh Channel 4

Insurance worker Josh hails from West London. From a young age, his ambition, competitiveness and drive have all made him succeed at anything he turns his hand to, from his sporting ambitions, to working hard as a teenager when his dad passed away.

Josh joined the show with the hopes of finding someone who understands him, but can also put him in his place.

He also likes someone with a good balance between social and work life, who works hard, likes fitness, but also doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Speaking ahead of his Married at First Sight debut, he said: "I think marriage has always been on my cards, but I could never see myself getting on one knee, so this is a fast track! Sometimes I need to be kicked into the deep end so for me this is the start of a new chapter."

Are Amy and Josh still together?

It's not yet know whether Amy and Josh stayed together after the experiment, with the pair set to make their decision at the final vows.

They have had a few hurdles throughout their relationship, however. On their honeymoon, Josh called Amy "needy" for wanting to cuddle, and she felt he wasn't being open enough with her.

During a recent dinner party, the pair ended up arguing with Morag, and Josh got angry and told Amy to shut up in front of everyone. She wasn't happy with this and he apologised, but during the home stays, there was obvious tension between them. And when her friends asked if he was in love with Amy, Josh asked what their definition of love was – AKA the wrong answer.

Nevertheless, the pair seemed to be in a better place at the final dinner party, as Josh admitted he could see them heading in the direction to fall in love. However, the other Married at First Sight UK 2021 couples didn't think they were strong enough, which angered Amy.

Judging by their Instagram accounts, where they've both been sharing loved up snaps, it looks like these two are still on, but all will be revealed at the final vows.


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