Megan and Bob were the first couple to get hitched when Married at First Sight UK returned for a sixth series on Monday, 30th August.


The pair were immediately drawn to one another when they met at the aisle, however, Megan's family weren't so keen, with her mother revealing she was "sick" and her twin brother Mitch applying pressure to the groom.

Nevertheless, the pair said "I do!" and will now embark on a journey to find out whether you can get married at first sight.

So, will they stay together? Here's everything we know so far about Married at First Sight UK couple Megan and Bob.

Who is Megan?

Married at First Sight UK Megan
Married at First Sight UK Megan Channel 4

Age: 25

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From: Stoke

Job: Wellness coach

Instagram: @meganwolfeinsta

Megan is a wellness coach from Stoke. A constant entertainer who loves to sing, dance, and share her ‘good energy’ with everyone she meets, Megan was looking for someone with a good personality.

Asked why she joined the show, Megan said: "My dating history is horrendous, I have terrible taste. Of course, it is a good option to get someone to do it for me. It just felt like an opportunity I couldn’t miss. Each step of the way has felt more and more right."

Who is Bob?

Married at First Sight UK Bob
Married at First Sight UK Bob Channel 4

Age: 26

From: Dorset

Job: Business Protection Specialist

Instagram: @robert_voysey

Robert - known to his friends as "Big Bob" - is a business protection specialist from Dorset. The 26-year-old joined the dating show with the hopes of finding someone with a big personality who loves to laugh.

"I want to have fun all the time, so I want someone who wants to go out and do things. Someone who is on my wave-length with how I look at life," he said ahead of the series.

What happened on Megan and Bob's wedding day?

The pair said "I do" on the first episode of the series six.

Megan's mum was initially in tears when she told her she was getting married to a stranger on TV, and her twin brother told her he felt "sick" at the idea.

However, sparks flew when they met one another, with Bob calling Megan "absolutely beautiful" and complimenting her dress.

"He seems much nicer than my usual type," Megan gushed to the camera on the day.

The show's matchmaker Paul C. Brunson revealed the couple were compatible by how they placed their family values, so Bob needed to get Megan's brother on his side.

And it looks like Mitch approved of his sister's new hubby, as they gave one another a brotherly handshake.

The pair will head on their honeymoon, and over the next few weeks will get to know each other better, before deciding whether they want to stay together at the end of the experiment.


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