It all seemed to start so well. Channel 4's blind wedding experiment Married at First Sight finally seemed to find a genuine love connection between David and Shareen. They looked so genuinely entranced with each other that viewers have high hopes for them.


That hope faded faster than a deflating balloon, as 47-year-old events and sales manager Shareen took issue with 56-year-old sales director David's tattoos and his survival kit.

What does Shereen have against man bags?

She would soon change her mind if they came across a charging badger on the English savannah.

To many in the audience, the bag was just sensible.

One fan wrote: "TBF, I think in normal circumstances David’s emergency survival bag would be f**king weird but given the current climate it’s probably the most sane thing I’ve seen this year. #marriedatfirstsight".

Viewers seemed to be definite about which camp they were in: Camp David.

One fan posted: "Shareen is too stubborn for a show like this! She’s made her mind up and she’s now convinced herself he’s not the one ! She’s not even given him a chance and he’s doing so well putting up with her coldness! She’s the definition of hard work ! #MarriedatFirstSight".

Shareen's haste to judge David and find him wanting left Married at First Sight fans cold.

Perhaps primary school teacher Michelle, 25, and IT sales manager Owen, 31, were faring better. They seemed to be especially when Owen revealed she was someone he could fall in love with.

Not everyone is convinced next week's lockdown was going to work for the couple.

The American relationship expert Paul came in for some attention from viewers this week. His profound truths deserved their own show – on a far-flung digital channel.

Find out if Shareen has been talked down from the brink as the couples enter lockdown life together when Married at First Sight returns to Channel 4 next Tuesday.


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