Are the ceremonies on Married at First Sight legally binding?

How much of a commitment do the couples really make?

Married at First Sight UK

Series six of Married at First Sight UK is currently underway on E4.


So far we’ve seen all the Married at First UK couples get hitched, and now they’ll test out their relationships in everyday situations before deciding whether they want to stay together at the end of the experiment.

With the help of the Married at First Sight UK experts, each couple is matched, and made to get married on the first day they meet, surrounded by their families and friends.

But are the Married at First Sight weddings legally binding?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Are the marriages on Married at First Sight UK legally binding?

No, they’re not. The UK version of the show sees couples making a verbal commitment to one another, rather than an official commitment.

A spokesperson for the show previously told The Metro: “Following the Australian format, rather than legal marriages, the couples will make a lifelong commitment to one another at a glamorous ceremony, overseen by a wedding celebrant, that includes guests, bridal gowns, dancing, speeches and cake.”

One of this year’s contestants, Nikita, cleared this up on her Instagram during a Q&A, where she told her fans: “No it’s not a legally binding contract, it’s classed as a social experiment.”

Nikita and Ant were one of the first couples to get married on series six, which debuted on 28th August.

Despite a few wedding day jitters and an argument on their honeymoon, the pair looked to be getting on well.

However, fans were also confused that Nikita didn’t appear to be following her husband on social media platforms.

She later revealed that it’s actually in the contract that contestants can’t follow anyone in the cast.

What many fans might not know, however, is that only the UK and Australian versions of the show don’t have legally binding marriages.

Married at First Sight UK 2021 couple Nikita and Ant
Married at First Sight UK 2021 couple Nikita and Ant
Channel 4

In fact, the executive producer of MaFS US, Chris Coleen, revealed that contestants on the American series sign a marriage license after filming the wedding ceremony.

“There is a prenup that is built in. It’s a very short, brief prenup. It basically says what they walk into [the marriage with], is what they walk out of the marriage with,” he said.


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