The music round is a staple of the traditional pub quiz - and there are few cooler periods than the rock and roll era of the 70s. So next time you’re hosting on House Party, Google Hangouts, Zoom or Messenger, why not take your friends and family back to the time of disco, punk rock and Europop?

Advertisement has a whole round devoted to 70s music to use at your next online gathering – read on for 20 fiendish questions! Answers below – no cheating…

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  1. In his 1979 hit Escape, Rupert Holmes enjoys getting caught in the rain with which cocktail?
  2. Which legendary British band released their final album in May 1970?
  3. Errol Brown was the lead singer of which band?
  4. Who sang the title song of 70s Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun?
  5. Which Irish rock band sang The Boys Are Back In Town?
  6. Bridge Over Troubled Water was the final album of which folk-rock duo?
  7. Silver Lady singer David Soul also starred in which iconic action TV series?
  8. What was the name of David Bowie's flamboyant alter ego?
  9. What year was the Sony Walkman released?
  10. Eurovision sensation ABBA came from which country?
  11. Name the song: "Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man, no time to talk"
  12. What was the best selling single of the decade in the UK?
  13. Which rock band released 70s albums Paranoid and Masters of Reality?
  14. What was the best selling film soundtrack of the 1970s in the UK?
  15. Which British band put A Message In A Bottle in 1979?
  16. The film Rocketman charts the rise of which 70s superstar?
  17. What is the real name of K.C. from K.C. and the Sunshine Band?
  18. Which song from Grease sold the most singles in the UK?
  19. Which Led Zeppelin song famously references Norse mythology?
  20. Which member of the Electric Light Orchestra left to form Wizzard in July 1972?


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