Fancy yourself a golf expert? Why not try out our pub quiz which contains 20 questions from the sports past and present.


Below you can find questions about everything from the first Ryder Cup to 'The World's Worst Golfer' so put your knowledge to the test and see how highly you can score – will you be under or over par?

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  1. Who golfer was the first to achieve a modern career Grand Slam (winning all four major championships)?
  2. In what year was the inaugural Ryder Cup hosted?
  3. What was the name of the man described as 'The World's Worst Golfer' who was played by Mark Rylance in the film The Phantom of the Open?
  4. If you have scored an albatross on a hole with a par of 5, how many strokes did you use?
  5. Which golfer goes by the nickname The Mechanic?
  6. In which city was Gary Player born?
  7. Who is the oldest golfer to win a major championship in the modern era?
  8. Which year was golf's last appearance at the Olympic Games before it returned to the line-up of sports in 2016?
  9. Who is currently top of the Golf world rankings?
  10. How many times has Tiger Woods won The Masters?
  11. Which year did Brooks Koepka win his first major?
  12. Who won The Match: Tiger Woods v Phil Mickelson in 2018?
  13. Which major has Rory McIlroy not won?
  14. Who became the first European player to score what is now the maximum of five points in a single Ryder Cup in 2018?
  15. Which golfer recorded the most points for USA in the 2023 Ryder Cup?
  16. Who stunned the golf world by winning the 2003 PGA Championship despite being ranked No. 169th in the world at the time?
  17. Tiger Woods was ranked No. __ in the world when he won The Masters in 2019...
  18. Which course has been used more often than any other for The Open Championship? (30 times)
  19. Which player has won the most major championships in his career? (18)
  20. The 11th, 12th and 13th holes at Augusta National are collectively known by what nickname?


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  1. Gene Sarazen
  2. 1927
  3. Maurice Flitcroft
  4. 2
  5. Miguel Ángel Jiménez
  6. Johannesburg
  7. Julius Boros
  8. 1904
  9. Scottie Scheffler (as of Feb 2024)
  10. Five
  11. 2017 (US Open)
  12. Phil Mickelson
  13. The Masters
  14. Francisco Molinari
  15. Max Homa (3.5)
  16. Shaun Micheel
  17. No. 12
  18. St Andrews
  19. Jack Nicklaus
  20. Amen Corner

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