Coronavirus may have dropped boxing on the canvas for now, but the grand old sport will rise again soon enough with plenty of bristling heavyweights ready to crack on with their quest for glory.


Until then, why not test your mates' knowledge with our boxing pub quiz questions and answers, saving you the hassle of pulling one together yourself.

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  1. What boxing weight class is heaviest – flyweight, bantam weight, feather weight?
  2. How old was George Foreman when he became the oldest heavyweight champion?
  3. Which boxing promoter's favourite expression is "Only in America"?
  4. Tyson Fury has won an Olympic medal – true or false?
  5. American boxer James J. Braddock was given which nickname inspired by a popular fairytale story?
  6. In which round did Anthony Joshua defeat Wladimir Klitschko in their heavyweight showdown in 2017?
  7. Who did Deontay Wilder defeat in November 2019 – his last victory before his rematch with Tyson Fury?
  8. How many times has Anthony Joshua fought outside of the UK?
  9. In which year was Floyd Mayweather's last professional fight prior to his comeback showdown with Conor McGregor?
  10. Lennox Lewis was defeated by Hasim Rahman in 2001. What excuse did his promoter give for his lack of focus?
  11. Which fighters starred in the 1971 bout that would later be known as 'Fight of the Century'?
  12. Which fighter starred as "Pretty" Ricky Conlan in Rocky spin-off film Creed?
  13. Who was David Haye's last opponent in 2012 before taking a four-year break from the sport?
  14. Which super-middleweight fighter retired in 2008 with 46 wins, no draws, no defeats?
  15. Which fighter knocked out Muhammad Ali in controversial circumstances towards the end of his career? (Ali was suffering from early symptoms of Parkinson's disease at the time)
  16. What is the northern-most UK city Anthony Joshua has fought in?
  17. In which German city did Tyson Fury defeat Wladimir Klitschko in 2015?
  18. Who was Mike Tyson's last opponent in professional boxing?
  19. Canelo Alvarez signed a five-year £278 million contract with which sport broadcaster?


  1. Feather weight
  2. 45
  3. Don King
  4. False
  5. Cinderella Man
  6. 11th
  7. Luis Ortiz
  8. Twice (Saudi Arabia, USA)
  9. 2015
  10. He was filming Ocean's Eleven at the time
  11. Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier
  12. Tony Bellew
  13. Dereck Chisora
  14. Joe Calzaghe
  15. Larry Holmes
  16. Glasgow
  17. Kevin McBride
  18. Dusseldorf
  19. DAZN

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