Pub quizzes are always at their best when the scores are close, but there are those times when it's just too close to call, and two or more individuals or teams wind up in a draw. What should you do then?


Have no fear, is here with a round devoted to tie breakers you can use at your next gathering – read on for 25 impossible questions! Answers below – no cheating…

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Here are 25 tough tiebreakers - closest answer wins...

Two friends in competition with each other.
Getty/Ezra Bailey

Tie breaker quiz questions

  1. How long was the Titanic?
  2. For how many months was Queen Victoria on the throne?
  3. How many minutes long is 1972 gangster epic The Godfather?
  4. How many stars are on the Brazilian flag?
  5. How wide is the Golden Gate Bridge?
  6. According to the UN, how many countries are there in Africa?
  7. How many British fighter planes were shot down during the Battle of Britain?
  8. What percentage of Earth's surface is covered in water?
  9. In miles, how long is the line that can you draw with an HB pencil before it runs out?
  10. How many days had Great British Train Robber Ronnie Biggs been on the run for when he returned to the UK in 2001?
  11. How many post offices are there in India?
  12. How high is the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world?
  13. What is the seating capacity of the O2 Arena?
  14. What is Usain Bolt's top recorded speed?
  15. What is Samuel L Jackson's birthday?
  16. How many bathrooms are in the White House?
  17. In which year did the European Economic Community become the European Union?
  18. How many zeroes are in a Googol?
  19. How many episodes of Friends were made?
  20. What is the circumference of the Earth?
  21. How long in minutes would it take to watch the entire extended cuts of The Lord of the Rings trilogy?
  22. How tall in feet are the letters of the Hollywood sign?
  23. As of The Power of The Doctor, which aired in October 2022, how many episodes of Doctor Who have aired?
  24. How tall is Mount Everest in metres?
  25. How many songs did The Beatles record in total?

Tie breaker quiz answers

  1. 269m
  2. 763 months
  3. 178 minutes
  4. 27
  5. 27 metres
  6. 54
  7. 1,023
  8. 71%
  9. 35 miles
  10. 13,068
  11. 155,015
  12. 828m
  13. 20,000
  14. 27.8mph
  15. 21st December 1948
  16. 35
  17. 1993
  18. 100
  19. 236
  20. 24,901 miles (or 40,075km)
  21. 686 minutes
  22. 45 feet
  23. 871
  24. 8,849 metres
  25. 213

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