We're approaching two years since Daniel Craig's final outing as 007 was released in cinemas, and we're still no closer to knowing which actor is in line to replace him as the most iconic spy in fiction.


But while we wait to find out what the future holds, it's never a bad time to reflect on the history of the incredible franchise stemming from Ian Fleming's novels – especially given we recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of the publication of the first book Casino Royale.

With that in mind, we've devised a James Bond pub quiz – themed around 30 fiendishly difficult questions related to 007.

All questions and answers are below – from RadioTimes.com with love...

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  1. Who is the only singer to perform more than one James Bond theme?
  2. How many directors of James Bond films have been American?
  3. Barbara Broccoli and who else currently control the Bond film franchise?
  4. Who played the Bond girl Dominique 'Domino' Derval in Thunderball?
  5. Which actor was reportedly the first choice of Casino Royale director Martin Campbell for the role of 007 before Daniel Craig was cast?
  6. What two objects mysteriously vanish at the start of The Spy Who Loved Me?
  7. Desmond Llewelyn played Q in all but one film between From Russia with Love in 1963 and The World Is Not Enough in 1999. Which film did he not appear in during that time?
  8. In The Living Daylights, who plays KGB head, General Leonid Pushkin?
  9. How many actors have played Miss Moneypenny in official James Bond films?
  10. Which official Bond film has the lowest critics' score on Rotten Tomatoes?
  11. What are the names of Blofeld's henchmen played by Bruce Glover and Putter Smith in Diamonds Are Forever?
  12. The opening scene of Spectre takes place at what cultural festival?
  13. What is the name of the fictional island on which Dr No had his headquarters?
  14. A the end of No Time to Die, M reads the following quote: "The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time." Which American writer first coined that line?
  15. Which Bond villain famously had a third nipple?
  16. A key confrontation in From Russia with Love takes place on what iconic train?
  17. Which was the first Bond theme song to win the Oscar for Best Original Song?
  18. Which actor plays Felix Leiter in Casino Royale?
  19. In Moonraker, what is the name of the woman who Jaws falls in love with?
  20. Roger Moore utters the line "He always did have an inflated opinion of himself" after killing which Bond villain?
  21. Which Bond film takes its name from the Jamaican estate where Ian Fleming wrote the novels?
  22. Ursula Andress famously played Honey Ryder in Dr No – but which other Bond girl has she technically played?
  23. What name does Auric Goldfinger give to his operation to infiltrate Fort Knox?
  24. What is the name of the MI6 agent played by Gemma Arterton in Quantum of Solace?
  25. Who recently became the first woman to publish an official James Bond novel?
  26. Which Bond film holds the record for containing the highest number of deaths?
  27. Who is responsible for creating the iconic gun barrel opening sequence that begins each Bond film?
  28. In No Time to Die, what is the name of James Bond and Madeleine Swann's daughter?
  29. What are the names of the screenwriting pair who worked on all seven Bond films between The World Is Not Enough and No Time to Die?
  30. What is the name of the gyrocopter Bond flies in You Only Live Twice?


  1. Shirley Bassey
  2. 1 – just Cary Fukunaga, who helmed No Time to Die
  3. Michael G Wilson
  4. Claudine Auger
  5. Henry Cavill
  6. A British and a Soviet ballistic-missile submarine
  7. Live and Let Die
  8. John Rhys-Davies
  9. 4 – Lois Maxwell, Caroline Bliss, Samantha Bond and Naomie Harris
  10. A View to a Kill
  11. Mr Wint and Mr Kidd
  12. Day of the Dead
  13. Crab Key
  14. Jack London
  15. Francisco Scaramanga
  16. The Orient Express
  17. Skyfall
  18. Jeffrey Wright
  19. Dolly
  20. Dr Kananga, in Live and Let Die
  21. GoldenEye
  22. Vesper Lynd, in the 1967 parody version of Casino Royale
  23. Operation Grand Slam
  24. Strawberry Fields
  25. Kim Sherwood
  26. You Only Live Twice
  27. Maurice Binder
  28. Mathilde
  29. Neal Purvis and Robert Wade
  30. Little Nellie

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