Now that our evenings are dominated by quizzes on House Party, Google Hangouts, Zoom and Facetime, we're wondering how everyone else knows so many historical facts, and can quote the first lines of famous novels. Who knew science and nature was such a popular round?!


We thought we'd make it a bit fairer by giving you some questions on something we know much more about: Walford and the angry, bed-hopping people who live there! has a whole round devoted to EastEnders to use at your next virtual quiz – read on for 20 questions that will test your knowledge of Albert Square. Answers below – no cheating…

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  1. In what year was the first episode of EastEnders broadcast?
  2. Who delivered the immortal line, 'You can't tell me what to do, you ain't my mother!'?
  3. Who reached number 4 in the UK charts with a song set to the EastEnders theme tune, called Anyone Can Fall in Love?
  4. Who is officially the longest serving character on the Square?
  5. What item did Steve Owen use to kill Saskia?
  6. Patsy Palmer and Sid Owen played which famous Walford lovebirds?
  7. What was the name of Robbie Jackson's dog?
  8. Pat Butcher was famous for her love of which item of jewellery?
  9. What unwanted present did Den give to Angie for the Christmas of 1986?
  10. Zainab, Tamwar and Syed were all members of which family?
  11. Pauline Fowler famously hit her husband with a frying pan. What was his name?
  12. What was Queen Vic landlady Peggy Mitchell's famous catchphrase?
  13. Which iconic, chain-smoking EastEnders character was often found working in the launderette?
  14. Which actor is still sometimes referred to as 'Barry off EastEnders'?
  15. If you live in Albert Square, what is your postcode?
  16. Phil and Grant Mitchell have a sister, what is her name?
  17. Sonia famously played which musical instrument as a child?
  18. Who was Max Branning revealed to be having an affair with on Christmas Day 2007?
  19. Which singer played Tiffany Mitchell?
  20. Gavin and Stacey star Larry Lamb played which EastEnders villain?


  1. 1985
  2. Zoe Slater
  3. Anita Dobson
  4. Ian Beale
  5. Ashtray
  6. Bianca and Ricky
  7. Wellard
  8. Earrings
  9. Divorce papers
  10. The Masoods
  11. Arthur
  12. 'Get outta my pub!'
  13. Dot Cotton
  14. Shaun Williamson
  15. E20
  16. Sam
  17. Trumpet
  18. Stacey
  19. Martine McCutcheon
  20. Archie Mitchell

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