With WrestleMania 36 taking place without an audience and the future live broadcasts uncertain, now's the perfect time to brush up on some WWE knowledge and test your friends. So next time you’re on House Party, Google Hangouts, Zoom or Messenger see if you can perform your own quiz finisher with some championship-worthy questions.


RadioTimes.com is here with a round devoted to WWE you can use at your next online gathering – read on for 20 fiendish questions! Answers below – no cheating…

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Let's get ready to quiz...


  1. What was The Rock's signature catchphrase?
  2. Who asked Nikki Bella to marry him at Wrestlemania 33?
  3. What nationality is Kevin Owens?
  4. Who is the current NXT United Kingdom Champion?
  5. Whose entrance music includes the lyrics "They broke the mould when they made me"
  6. Who has won the most Royal Rumble matches?
  7. Which former WWE wrestler launched their own Netflix show in April 2020?
  8. Who was the first person to become WWE Universal Champion?
  9. Which former wrestler is Bo and Bray's dad?
  10. Who said, "Woodstock was to rock and roll what Wrestlemania is to wrestling"?
  11. The Women's Championship match in Wrestlemania I featured which 1980s icon?
  12. The Party Foul is the signature move of which wrestler?
  13. At which WrestleMania did Hulk Hogan famously fight André the Giant?
  14. What was the name of John Cena's rap album, released in 2005?
  15. Which 80s television star featured in the main event of WrestleMania I?
  16. What are the names of Rey Mysterio's finishers?
  17. Who has held the WWE Intercontinental Championship the most times?
  18. What is the theme song of WWE Raw?
  19. Who was the first person to pin Mr. Perfect in the WWE?
  20. Who has the most championships in WWE only?


  1. Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?
  2. John Cena
  3. Canadian
  5. Dolph Ziggler
  6. Steve Austin
  7. Big Show
  8. Finn Balor
  9. IRS
  10. Jesse Ventura (The Body)
  11. Cyndi Lauper
  12. Adam Rose
  13. WrestleMania III
  14. You Can't See Me
  15. Mr T
  16. The 619 and West Coast Pop
  17. Chris Jericho
  18. Legendary by Skillet
  19. Hulk Hogan
  20. John Cena

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