Summer cricket might still be a good few months away in the UK, but while we wait for sunnier days there's never a bad time to test yourself with a bit of cricketing trivia.


Below, we've compiled a 20-question cricket pub quiz focusing on both the past and present of the sport so if you fancy yourself as an expert, see how well you can score – and if you can manage full marks then you really are an all-rounder.

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  1. The first official international cricket match was held in 1844 between which two nations?
  2. What is the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method used for in cricket?
  3. A cricket umpire raises both of their arms straight above their head – what does this signify?
  4. What is the term used when a player is bowled out by the first ball they face?
  5. Ben Stokes plays for which County Championship team?
  6. What year was the inaugural IPL season?
  7. How many days did the longest recorded Test match last?
  8. Who is the only batsman to record 400 in a single innings in an international test match?
  9. Which player took the most wickets in the 2023 Cricket World Cup?
  10. Nasser Hussain last captained the England Test team in which year?
  11. Eoin Morgan has played more ODI matches for Ireland than he has played Test matches for England – true or false?
  12. In which year did Andrew "Freddie" Flintoff make his Test debut for England?
  13. Who was the first player to reach 10,000 runs in Test cricket?
  14. In what country would you find the Kensington Oval cricket stadium?
  15. Which teams won the first edition of The 100, in the Men's and Women's events?
  16. Who did England beat in the 2019 Cricket World Cup Final?
  17. Which legendary cricketer earned the nickname The God of Cricket?
  18. Who currently tops the ICC rankings for Test batsmen?
  19. Which team emerged victorious at the first-ever Cricket World Cup in 1975?
  20. Which cricketer boasts by some distance the best batting average of all time at 99.94?


More like this
  1. USA and Canada
  2. To determine a target score in case a limited overs match is abandoned due to rain or other circumstances.
  3. The batsman has scored a six
  4. Golden duck
  5. Durham
  6. 2008
  7. Nine days (England v South Africa, 1939)
  8. Brian Lara (v England in 2004)
  9. Mohammed Shami
  10. 2003
  11. True
  12. 1998
  13. Sunil Gavaskar
  14. Barbados
  15. Men's – Southern Brave, Women's – Oval Invincibles
  16. New Zealand
  17. Sachin Tendulkar
  18. Kane Williamson (as of February 2024)
  19. West Indies
  20. Sir Donald Bradman

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