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  1. Which EastEnders character is mum to twins Riley and Chatham?
  2. What year did EastEnders start?
  3. Who was the biological father of Kat Moon's son Tommy in EastEnders?
  4. Who became landlord of EastEnders pub the Queen Vic on Christmas Day 2013?
  5. What was the name of Yasmeen Metcalfe's first husband in Coronation Street?
  6. In Coronation Street, what was the name of Asha and Aadi Alahan's late mother?
  7. Which Coronation Street character made their first appearance in 1974, and is the fourth longest-serving cast member?
  8. Name the much-loved Coronation Street pet dog who was put down in April 2020 after 14 years on the cobbles.
  9. Prior to the infamous plane crash in 1993, what was the village where Emmerdale is set known as?
  10. Ephraim Monk are the fictional brewery supplying beer to which famous soap pub?
  11. In 2019, which Emmerdale character discovered their long-lost father was a wrestler called Bear Wolf?
  12. In Emmerdale, what is 'Chas' short for in Chas Dingle?
  13. In which soap did future Doctor Who companion Mandip Gill play Phoebe McQueen from 2012-2015?
  14. Step-sisters Mandy and Cindy have both been married to which Hollyoaks character?
  15. Which former X factor contestant plays Lisa Loveday in Hollyoaks?
  16. Which character did Adam Rickitt play in Coronation Street before joining Hollyoaks as Kyle Kelly?
  17. He's best known as Toadie Rebecchi, but what is the long-running Neighbours character's actual first name? (Not the actor name)
  18. Who has been married more times - Coronation Street's Ken Barlow, EastEnders' Ian Beale or Neighbours' Paul Robinson?
  19. Which future Hollywood star played Mike Young in Neighbours and David Croft in Home and Away?
  20. Which future star of the Avengers movie franchise played Kim Hyde in Home and Away?


  1. Karen Taylor
  2. 1985
  3. Michael Moon (Alfie's cousin)
  4. Mick Carter
  5. Sharif Nazir
  6. Sunita
  7. Gail
  8. Eccles
  9. Beckindale
  10. The Woolpack (Emmerdale)
  11. Paddy Kirk
  12. Chastity
  13. Hollyoaks
  14. Tony Hutchinson
  15. Rachel Adedeji
  16. Nick Tilsley
  17. Jarrod
  18. Neighbours' Paul Robinson - 6 (Ken 4, twice to Deirdre, Ian 5, twice to Jane)
  19. Guy Pearce
  20. Chris Hemsworth

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