Peaky Blinders has shot to the top of the British TV tree with a dedicated fanbase, iconic characters and single-handedly brought flat caps back into mainstream fashion – for better or for worse.


Tommy Shelby and the rest of the Peaky Blinders boys and girls aren't due for a return to our screens for some time, but there's plenty to look back over across the show's five seasons.

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  1. Outside of Tommy, Arthur, Polly and Ada, which character has featured in the most episodes throughout the history of the show?
  2. What is the official name of the Peaky Blinders' family business?
  3. Which Jurassic Park actor played the role of Inspector Campbell?
  4. In which city did Grace claim to have worked in a pub prior to her arrival in the show?
  5. Which year is the first episode of the first season set in?
  6. Give the full name of Adrien Brody's character in the fourth season.
  7. What product does Alfie Solomons make in his warehouses at Camden?
  8. Which supposedly cursed gem stone is Grace wearing when she is shot and killed by an assassin?
  9. Which religious movement did Linda Shelby belong to?
  10. Tom Hardy – who plays Alfie Solomons – is married to the actress who plays which Peaky Blinders character?
  11. Who performs the Peaky Blinders theme tune?
  12. Real life brothers Finn Cole and Joe Cole play which two characters in Peaky Blinders?
  13. How many actors play the role of Winston Churchill throughout the whole show?
  14. In which English city is the show set?
  15. Cilian Murphy and Tom Hardy have starred in three films together: Inception, Dark Knight Rises and ____.
  16. What is Polly's surname?
  17. The head of which animal is present on top of Inspector Campbell's walking cane?
  18. What is the name of Tommy's grey race horse in season 2?
  19. Which political party is Tommy officially part of when he becomes an MP?
  20. How many episodes are there in the series so far?


  1. Charlie Strong
  2. Shelby Company Limited
  3. Sam Neill
  4. Dublin
  5. 1919
  6. Luca Changretta
  7. Rum
  8. Sapphire
  9. Quakers
  10. May Carleton (Charlotte Riley)
  11. Nick Cave (and the Bad Seeds)
  12. Michael Gray, John Shelby
  13. Three
  14. Birmingham
  15. Dunkirk
  16. Gray
  17. Wolf
  18. Grace's Secret
  19. Labour
  20. 30

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