Australian winger Garang Kuol has recently signed for Newcastle United in real life, touted by many as a potential wonderkid. But how good is he in FIFA 23?


Garang Kuol's rise to prominence has, of course, garnered the attention of many FIFA 23 players who are just now starting to build their squads in this year's version of EA's football simulator franchise (which only came out today).

So, what are Garang Kuol's stats like in FIFA 23, and how much will it cost to add this particular young player to your team in FIFA 23 Career Mode and/or Ultimate Team? Keep on reading to find out.

How good is Garang Kuol in FIFA 23?

Garang Kuol's FIFA 23 stats in Ultimate Team.
Garang Kuol's FIFA 23 stats in Ultimate Team. EA Sports

Garang Kuol has an overall rating of 59 in FIFA 23, so he probably won't walk straight into the starting line-up of any serious squad.

However, it's very much worth noting that Garang Kuol has a potential rating of 82, meaning that you could develop him into a very strong prospect if you put the legwork in.

Although his crossing is only currently 57, while his short passing is 52 and his finishing is 63, it's in the movement/speed stats that Garang Kuol really shines: he already has 83 acceleration and 83 sprint speed, meaning that he can leg it down the line for you already, even though his footwork needs improvement.

How much does Garang Kuol cost in FIFA 23?

In FIFA Ultimate Team, Garang Kuol is quite an affordable player at the moment in FIFA 23. The lowest starting price we've seen today is 600 coins. That being said, we have seen 'buy now' prices skyrocketting up to numbers as high as 5,100 coins.

Meanwhile, in Career Mode, the price listed for Garang Kuol is a very tempting £667,000, with his wages at Central Coat Mariners being just £430. He would make a very tidy addition to a Career Mode squad, then, especially if you're planning to play for a few seasons so you can develop him.

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That being said, you might not find it easy to buy Garang Kuol in FIFA 23 Career Mode. When we tried to approach Central Coast Mariners, the game said they were not willing to sell because they lacked the squad depth to let Garang Kuol go. We're not sure how Newcastle managed it, then!

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