FIFA 23 is here and the new FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) season is in full swing, with a brand new year of FIFA TOTW and FIFA OTW cards being dished out to players everywhere.


While these cards will of course be crucial in FUT Champs when going up against the best of the best who are real people, they'll be just as useful in FUT's AI mode Squad Battles.

The mode is notorious for being difficult to beat, especially at the higher difficulty levels, but you'll be getting some great rewards if you do. So, here are the Squad Battle rewards and how to claim them.

FIFA 23 Squad Battles rewards

Your Squad Battle rewards are once again determined by your rank in FIFA 23, and will include a mixture of coins and packs.

Here are all the FIFA 23 Squad Battles Rewards by rank:

  • Bronze 3 - Premium Loan Player Reward Pack
  • Bronze 2 - Gold Pack
  • Bronze 1 - 500 coins, 2x Gold Pack
  • Silver 3 - 1,000 coins, Premium Gold Pack, Gold Pack
  • Silver 2 - 2,000 coins, 2x Premium Gold Pack, Gold Pack
  • Silver 1 - 4,000 coins, 2x Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
  • Gold 3 - 5,000 coins, Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, Prime Mixed Players Pack
  • Gold 2 - 6,000 coins, Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, Prime Mixed Players Pack
  • Gold 1 - 8,000 coins, Prime Electrum Players Pack, Prime Mixed Players Pack, Jumbo Premium Gold Pack
  • Elite 3 - 8,000 coins, 2x Rare Electrum Players Pack, Prime Mixed Players Pack
  • Elite 2 - 14,000 coins, 2x Rare Electrum Players Pack, Premium Gold Players Pack
  • Elite 1 - 26,000 coins, 2x Rare Players Pack
  • Top 200 - 65,000 coins, Rare Players Pack, 2x Mega Pack

Where are my Squad Battles rewards?

Done the hard work of reaching a high rank and now wondering how to claim the spoils of your victory? Well, have no fear, as we'll explain exactly when, where and how you can claim your hard-earned rewards.

What time do Squad Battles rewards come out in FIFA 23?

FIFA 23 FUT Squad Battles rewards can be claimed on Sunday mornings at 9am BST. Rewards will be released at the same time every week when a new week of Squad Battles begins, and you have another seven days to do it all again.

How do you claim rewards on FUT 23?

Luckily, you don't have to do much to claim your Squad Battles rewards - simply log into FUT on console, PC and web app and your rewards will show up in the game.

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