Now that the FIFA 23 release date has been confirmed, EA Sports is letting us in on what the game will entail, including details on the sought-after crossplay options.


Cross platform play has been a feature missing from FIFA games for years, with fans eager to be allowed to play with and against friends who are playing across different platforms. This year, EA is finally taking steps to bring crossplay to its football behemoth.

FIFA 23 crossplay details are shared below, with all the ins and outs regarding online multiplayer that bridges the console war divide.

Is FIFA 23 crossplay?

Yes, FIFA 23 will support crossplay for the first time in the football franchise's history.

There are a couple of bits of small print to be aware of here, though: crossplay will only work in FIFA 23's one-versus-one modes, and it will only connect players on the same generation of systems. Eventually, too, crossplay could be added to Pro Clubs. We've got more details on all that below.

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Is FIFA 23 cross-gen?

This one's a no. FIFA 23 will not support cross-gen play, with players only being able to link up with other systems within the same generation as their machine of choice.

Basically, if you're playing FIFA 23 on PS4, you'll be able to play with gamers that are playing on Xbox One, and vice versa.

Meanwhile, players on PS5 will be able to play with other next-gen adopters on Xbox Series X/S. PC and Google Stadia players will connect to the next-gen pool, as well.

Which modes can use crossplay in FIFA 23?

Here's another important detail: crossplay will only be available in FIFA 23's one-versus-one modes at launch, but EA is working on adding functionality to Pro Clubs.

EA has confirmed on its official website that FIFA 23 crossplay will be available in these modes: "FUT Division Rivals (except Co-Op), FUT Champions, FUT Ultimate Online Draft, FUT Online Friendlies (except Co-Op), FUT Play a Friend, Online Friendlies, Online Seasons (except Co-Op Seasons) and the Virtual Bundesliga competitive game mode that is available to players based in Germany."

Is there crossplay in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs?

FIFA 23's Pro Clubs mode will not support crossplay at launch, but EA is working on implementing crossplay to the mode which can see as many as 22 players taking part at once.

As part of its FIFA 23 Pro Clubs/Volta modes pitch notes, Richard Walz, game design director for Pro Clubs and Volta, explains that EA shares "your desire to see cross-play in Pro Clubs, and understand the frustrations for not seeing it included in the launch of FIFA 23."

Walz adds that EA recognises "what cross-play functionality could mean to the Pro Clubs mode with the potential for improving matchmaking and allowing friends from different platforms of the same generation to play together." EA is working on "ultimately" adding "cross-platform to Pro Clubs."

Remember to check @EAFIFADirect for any future updates and developments for FIFA 23.

And that's your lot! If EA does announce any further crossplay details, we'll be sure to update this page.

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