Madfut 23 is finally available on iOS devices as well as Android! The wait is very much over, and fans of FIFA Ultimate Team now have one more thing to eat up their time.


Across Google Play and the Apple App Store, you can now find Madfut 23 to download and play, with plenty of squad-building challenges and other fun stuff to compliment your FIFA 23 experience.

So, when did Madfut 23 come out and how exactly do you get it on iOS? Keep on reading to find out!

When was the Madfut 23 release date?

The Madfut 23 release date was Wednesday 5th October 2022 on Android devices, and Monday 17th October 2022 on Apple iOS.

That's right, folks - Madfut 23 is available now on the Google Play Store to download in the usual way! What about the Apple App Store, though? Read on for more details on that.

How to get Madfut 23 on iOS

Here's an important note: you might not find Madfut 23 on the Apple App Store if you just search for it the usual way. Instead, this is what you need to do to get Madfut 23 on iOS:

  • On your iPhone and search for Madfut on the App Store.
  • Click into the product page for last year's game, Madfut 22.
  • Under the app's name, click the developer name (it's simply Madfut).
  • This will show you a list of apps by the same developers, including Madfut 23.
  • Select Madfut 23 from the list, download it and start playing!

Was there a Madfut 23 beta?

A private Madfut 23 beta on the Apple iOS has been underway for a while now, with influencers sharing footage of this year's Madfut app in action (as you can see in the video below from Etorr).

The Madfut 23 beta has been running on Apple's TestFlight service, but the relevant TestFlight page has said for a while, in no uncertain terms: "This beta is full."

Videos like the one above, and Reddit posts, have already shared insights from the beta. So if you want to take a look at the game in action, before downloading it yourself, take a look there!

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