Kevin and Sally’s kiss won’t stay a secret, says Coronation Street star Michael Le Vell

But who will find out about their moment of passion?

Kevin and Sally Webster are to be left wracked with guilt next week after they share a surprise kiss. Sally is to make a move on her ex-husband after he decides to invest in her plan to buy the Underworld factory. But despite initially responding to the kiss, Kevin is filled with recrimination at his actions.


“Kevin does respond at first,” admits actor Michael Le Vell. “But after about five minutes, he realises that what he’s doing is wrong. He’s feeling total shock and disbelief. He knows deep down that Sally didn’t mean it and that it was just a spur-of-the-moment thing. But they’re full of remorse and they do feel bad afterwards for Tim. Even though it’s not really Kevin’s fault – Sally does pounce on him!”

OK – so Sally does make the first move, but the fact that Kevin responds must surely mean that he still has feelings for her?

“He’ll always have feelings for her. They were together for a long time. So he’ll always love her – they just hurt each other too many times. Too much water has passed under the bridge. Never say never, but I think Sally and Tim are a great couple and Kevin enjoys seeing them together as well. And he’s got a new best mate in Tim.”

In the wake of the kiss, Sally and Kevin try to forget about what they’ve done and agree to keep it to themselves. But secrets never stay buried for long in soapland and with Tim set to ask Kevin to be his best man, surely the truth will end up spilling out?

“I don’t think it will stay a secret, no – I’m not sure who will tell who, but I do know Sophie is quite suspicious. Whether anyone else close to Sally or Kevin will be brought into the loop, I don’t know. But if Tim finds out he’s not going to be happy.

“It could end up putting the wedding in jeopardy. Tim would be left always doubting Sally’s true motives for marrying him and wondering whether she loves him or still has feelings for Kevin. It would stir a lot of emotions up and bring out a lot of insecurities in Tim.”

Le Vell though has high hopes that the dynamic between Sally, Tim and Kevin can continue for a long time to come, particularly now that the comedy potential of co-star Sally Dynevor has been harnessed. 

“We have a right laugh on set and it really is good fun. I enjoy coming into work,” he says. “When we have scenes in the Websters’, it’s like old times again with a full house. But now we have this comedy element thanks to the comedy award-winner extraordinaire that is Sally Dynevor. I think Joe Duttine’s had his nose put out because he always thought he was funnier than Sally! It’s a very funny place to work.”

And if it came down to Sally choosing between the two men in her life, then who does Le Vell think she should be with? “That’s a big question…Tim! I think Sally and Tim should be together.”


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