Virgin Media offers a wide range of services from TV and broadband to SIM cards and landlines, and the team has hunted down the best deals available this month to help you make an informed decision.


Firstly, what makes Virgin Media deals worth considering? The key appeal is the ability to bundle all of your TV, phone and internet costs together in one handy package. This can cut costs and make your plan easy to manage.

Be aware though, Sky and BT offer similar plans. You can check out our Sky Sports offers and BT Sport offers pages for more on their bundles and products.

A couple of Virgin's best current deals have seen the company team up with phone provider, O2. The combined 'Volt' deals offer Virgin products and services alongside an O2 SIM card for your phone, further combining all your bills into one handy package.

Plus, the Volt packages offer more benefits, as O2 explains: "When your household is with Virgin Media and O2 you’ll get supercharged speeds, data and Wi-Fi. That means double the mobile data on every eligible O2 Pay Monthly plan in your household. A broadband speed boost to the next available level (if you aren’t already on the fastest speeds you can get in your area) in your household. Wi-Fi Pods if you find any Wi-Fi black spots in your home."

Read on for our picks of the best Virgin Media deals available today.

Best Virgin Media deals at a glance:

Best Virgin Media offers, discounts and deals for March 2023 in the UK

M250 Fibre Broadband

Virgin Media

Virgin's M250 Fibre Broadband is now available at a starting price of £15 a month for six months. With this deal, you'll receive a Virgin Media WiFi hub with 264Mbps download speed and 25Mbps of upload speed. After month seven, the price will go up to £33 a month.

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M250 Fibre Broadband | £15 per month [24-month contract]

Virgin Media Big Bundle

virgin media deals

The Virgin Media Big Bundle offers a special introductory price of £29.99 per month for the first 18 months. This gets you M125 Fibre Broadband with 132Mbps average download speed, over 100 TV channels and unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines. After that initial 18-month period, the price jumps up to £59 per month. However given your initial contract expires at this point, proactive punters may be able to renegotiate with the supplier or make a swift change elsewhere to save cash.

Virgin Media Big Bundle | £29.99 per month [18-month contract]

Virgin Media Bigger Bundle + Sports

BT Sport logo
BT Sport

The bigger bundle is... well — a little bigger. Instead of M250 Fibre Broadband with a 264Mbps average download speed, it packs M500 Fibre Broadband with a 516Mbps average download speed.

Plus, you'll get over 195 TV channels, unlimited calls to UK landlines on weekends, and BT Sport in 4K Ultra HD, plus Sky channels in HD. That's a pretty hefty bundle. It comes with a bigger price tag too, though, at £65 per month.

Virgin Media Bigger Bundle + Sports | £65 per month [18-month contract]

Volt Fibre Broadband + SIM

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O2 and Virgin Media have teamed up to present these Volt bundles.

In this bundle, you'll get M250 Fibre Broadband via a Virgin Media WiFi hub and an O2 sim with 10GB of data and 5G, just like the Bigger Volt bundle has.

It's £17.99 per month from Virgin Media, and £12 a month from O2. You can also pick an 'Extra' from O2, meaning you get three months of a free perk, like Disney+, Audible, Amazon Music, and more.

Volt Fibre Broadband + SIM| £29.99 per month [18-month contract]

Bigger Volt bundle

Sim card resting on a phone
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This bundle includes M500 broadband with a 516Mbps average download speed, over 190 channels, a benefit called 'Weekend Chatter' — unlimited weekend calls to other UK landlines — and an O2 SIM card with 5G connectivity and 10GB of data. You will also get to pick an 'Extra' from O2 for three months, which includes Audible, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime.

This comes to £49 per month, costing £37 for the Virgin Media elements and £12 per month for the O2 SIM card. After the initial 18 months, the price increases to £91 per month, though there are sure to be opportunities to switch at this juncture.

Bigger Volt bundle | £49 per month [18-month contract]

Ultimate Volt bundle

This huge bundle really covers all the bases. For £85 you'll get Gig1 Fibre Broadband, over 230 channels, anytime calls, Netflix, BT Sport and an O2 SIM card with unlimited data, calls and texts.

Gig1 Fibre Broadband also offers a blistering 1130 Mbps average download speed, which is sure to delight gamers and those who regularly work from home.

For more details on the full offering, check out the link below and click through to the Ultimate Volt Bundle page.

Ultimate Volt bundle | £85 per month [18-month contract]


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