If finding the time to delve into a new book is harder than ever with the many distractions of modern life, then why not try listening to one instead?


After all, an audiobook can be absorbed while driving, commuting, on your morning jog, or even when you’re doing the washing-up.

Right in the middle of this renaissance is Audible, the Amazon-owned subscription service.

Some say it's the Disney+ of audiobooks, and it’s certainly becoming just as popular in its own right. Signing up to Audible has some handy perks, including unlimited listening to thousands of Audible Originals, podcasts and audiobooks — alongside one new audiobook every month. Here’s our full guide to how Audible works.

Before signing up to a full membership, it’s wise to take advantage of some of the deals we've kindly found for you, including a three-month free trial.

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Get half price off Audible for four months

The best thing about Audible is that you can get lost in a book anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re driving, on your commute, jogging, or doing housework, take your pick from Audible’s eclectic library and get stuck in.

For a limited time only, you can enjoy Audible for half price off for four months. Usually £7.99, it’s now just £3.99. 

Best Audible deals at a glance:

Best Audible memberships and audiobook offers in September 2023

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Get three months for Audible for £3

Yes, you heard us right. Audible are offering an amazing limited time only deal, allowing new members to get access to thousands of audiobooks for three months for only £1 per month. Whether you're an audiobook aficionado or you want some time to test them out and see if they're for you, this is the perfect deal.

After the initial three-month period, you'll continue paying the standard price of £7.99. Sign up ASAP through the Audible website to avoid missing out.

Sign up for three months of Audible for £3

Get one month of Audible for free

It may come as no major surprise to hear that Audible offers a limited-time free membership so you can try before you buy. During that 30 day period, you’ll get access to thousands of free podcasts and audiobooks in what Amazon calls its 'Plus catalogue', and choose one additional audiobook, not included in this library, to download and listen to for free.

You’ll need to activate the subscription with your Amazon account, and you’ll be automatically charged £7.99 for the second month after 30 days.

Start your 30 day free Audible trial at Amazon

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Free audiobooks with the Audible one month trial

If a free three month Audible trial wasn't enough, Amazon has included popular audiobooks within your trial for absolutely free, too, rather than letting you select one audiobook during the trial. These audiobooks include Stephen Fry's Inside Your Mind, Educating Daisy by This Country star Daisy May Cooper, and the Audible original and exclusive The Stand-In by Lily Chu.

Start your one month free Audible trial at Amazon

Two free audiobooks for Amazon Prime members

Amazon Prime members get more for their 30-day free trial. Instead of picking one audiobook with the free trial, Prime members can pick two with their complimentary credits. Titles include Spare by Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, JK Rowling's Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman, and more.

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Claim two free audiobooks

Get 50% off membership for four months

This promotion will give you 50 per cent off an Audible membership (£3.99 instead of £7.99) for the first four months, which updates to the £7.99 package once that period comes to an end. Four quid a month saves you £16 over this period — bargain.

Sign-up for four months half price at Audible

Audible member deals

Once you've subscribed to Audible, the savings don't stop there. Audible's 'Member Deals' page posts deals daily, for example, price drops on books and 2-for-1 credit sales.

Check out the Member Deals page

How much does Audible cost?

The Audible standard membership costs £7.99 a month, which puts it on an even par with Amazon’s written-word subscription service, Kindle Unlimited.

Audible also offers four membership tiers:

  • One-book monthly membership (one credit per month) | £7.99 per month
  • Two-book monthly membership (two credits per month) | £14.99 per month
  • 12-book annual membership (12 credits per year) | £69.99 per year
  • 24-book annual membership (24 credits per year) | £109.99 per year

To find out more about the particulars, including Audible’s credit-based system, check out our how does Audible work explainer.

How to get a good Audible deal

We’ve put together a few tips to help you get the most out of your Audible membership:

  • The best books deserve to be shared among friends, and Audible’s titles are no exception. If you and a fellow bookworm see two audiobooks you’re keen on listening to, you can listen to each download and then share. But make it count: you can only ever download one shared audiobook.
  • Think carefully about which of the memberships you pick. While a £69.99 fee for an annual membership sounds like a lot of money to part with upfront, that works out as a monthly rate of £5.83. That’s considerably better than the standard £7.99 – count the pennies, save the pounds, right?
  • Try before you buy: you can listen to a free sample of the audiobook you're planning on purchasing. Plus, Audible Premium Plus members who buy a book using credits can return it up to one year afterwards if they didn't enjoy it.

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