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8 of the best educational non-fiction audiobooks for learning in lockdown

Learn while you listen with these popular audiobooks

educational non-fiction audiobooks

When lockdown first began, many of us made pledges to come out of isolation with an abundance of new skills. As the week went on, these woefully optimistic ideas have been overruled by video calls, home schooling, supermarket bedlam and the general stress associated with a worldwide pandemic.


But, if you still have a hankering to dip your toe into something new, there is a way to learn about interesting topics with little effort required on your part.

Amazon’s audiobook service Audible has a whole range of non-fiction titles which cover topics including Greek heroes, learning Spanish, the human body, moon landings and more.

You can listen to acclaimed titles such as Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and Stephen Fry’s Heroes through your Amazon Audible account, or you can sign up for a free trial for 30 days.

We’ve put together a list of the top non-fiction audiobooks to listen to now.

Plus, we’ve put together a guide in case you’ve ever found yourself wondering, just how does Audible work?

8 of the best educational non-fiction audiobooks



By: Yuval Noah Harari

Narrated by: Derek Perkins

Sapiens is one of the most highly regarded and influential modern books of its kind. Here the work of Yuval Noah Harari is narrated to explore human beings from the Stone Age to now and some of the things that have made people so intelligent and yet so destructive.

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Beginner’s Spanish with the Superpolyglotbros

Beginners' Spanish audiobook

By: The Superpolyglotbros

As twin brothers and professional language coaches the “Superpolyglotbros” will take you through the basics of learning Spanish over 10 hours in a fun and engaging way. Great for anyone who struggles to learn off the page alone and needs something with a little more personality to stay interested.

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The Space Race

The Space Race audiobook

By: Colin Brake, Patrick Chapman, Richard Hollingham, Richard Kurti, Sue Nelson, Helen Quigley, Andrew Mark Sewell

Narrated by: Kate Mulgrew

This docu-drama focuses on the first moon landing and was created to celebrate 50 years since the momentous event. Including conversations with space legends such as Buzz Aldrin and Tim Peake, the story title brings to life the amazing first steps of man on the moon.

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Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets

Victorian Secrets by Stephen Fry audiobook

By: Stephen Fry

Narrated by: Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry peels back the curtain to the seedy underworld of Victorian era and exposes everything from social scandals to murder. Over 12 episodes, Fry recounts real events and stories which demonstrate the dangerous and shocking lives of Victorians in Britain.

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Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreams

Why Do We Sleep audiobook

By: Matthew Walker

Narrated by: John Sackville

We spend a huge portion of our lives asleep but there is still so much that we don’t understand about it. In the first book of it’s kind, Professor Matthew Walker explores the mystery of the meaning of sleep and what effects it has on our body, including during REM (dream state) sleep and the consequences of caffeine and alcohol.

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Talking To Strangers


By: Malcolm Gladwell

Narrated by: Malcolm Gladwell

Have your assumptions challenged in this audiobook as author and narrator Malcolm Gladwell uncovers the darker side of attempting to decipher lies and motives of others. By examining real encounters, false convictions and psychology, Gladwell turns expectations on their head.

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The Body

The Body audiobook

By: Bill Bryson

Narrated by: Bill Bryson

This book explores the amazing ways in which the human body functions. Credited for making science understandable while still being entertaining, author and narrator Bill Bryson shares amazing facts and insight into our human biology.

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Heroes audiobook

By: Stephen Fry

Narrated by: Stephen Fry

The heroes of Greek mythology have endured right through to the modern day in plays, books, films art and almost every aspect of culture across history. Here, Stephen Fry takes the listener through those famed first tales of quests, adventures and scheming gods.

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