A star rating of 4 out of 5.

Carve out eight hours of your life immediately for Apple TV+'s Dark Matter - because once you start, you won't want to stop.


Joel Edgerton stars as Jason Dessen, a man abducted into an alternate version of his life and forced to go on a harrowing journey in the hopes of making his way back to his family, his wife Daniela (Jennifer Connelly) and his son Charlie (Oakes Fegley).

Adapted from Blake Crouch's best-selling novel, the series is, crucially, just as thrilling, haunting and romantic as the book. It's a beautifully faithful retelling, no doubt in part due to Crouch's involvement, and brings everything there is to love about the novel to life.

Some adaptations feel like they're forced on screen; this one feels like it was made for TV.

It's not often an actor gets a role like Jason Dessen and a chance to play more than one version of a character, and it's something Edgerton clearly relishes. He's at his very best, making each version of Jason completely distinct in the viewer's mind.

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It takes something special for an actor to make you love one version and hate another one - but Edgerton's performance is understated yet scene-stealing, and completely seamless.

Alice Braga in Dark Matter in a red shirt
Alice Braga in Dark Matter. Apple TV+

That's certainly not to diminish the rest of the cast's stellar performances, either. Connelly is mesmerising as Daniela, with Fegley easily taking on the role of Charlie. Alice Braga is another standout as Amanda, with the chemistry between all of the actors proving essential.

To be brutal, there are a few moments that could have been even more fleshed out in its adaptation - and it's largely elements we can't reveal here for fear of spoiling too much. But in his novel, Crouch opens up endless possibilities that perhaps could have been even more fully explored in the show.

Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Connelly in Dark Matter. They're both wearing dark clothes and are facing each other and Jennifer has her arms around Joel
Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Connelly in Dark Matter. Apple TV+

For the most part, though, Dark Matter is a glorious adaptation, beautifully paced and perfectly played by its cast.

As a sci-fi story, it's not exactly groundbreaking - there are plenty of stories that have explored parallel worlds before - but Dark Matter's heart is what sets it so far apart from those others.

There's nothing to fault about Crouch's narrative - it's a perfectly chilling and beautiful sci-fi tale and, despite the complications of parallel worlds, boils down to a love story. It's the final two episodes that really elevate the series, with Edgerton's performance at its best and a chilling twist in the story injecting genuinely heart-racing danger into the story.

Apple TV+ has earned its crown as the king of sci-fi TV - and Dark Matter is no different. But the best thing the streamer can do now is leave it alone. The story is wrapped up so well that we don't need a second season now, and especially not for the sake of just making more, as is so often the case.

So, when Dark Matter hits screens on Apple TV+ this month, be sure to carve out those eight hours. You're going to need them - as you won't want to miss a second.

Dark Matter will begin on Apple TV+ on 8th May.


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