I Kissed a Girl will hit TV screens on Sunday 5th May, becoming the UK's first ever reality TV show for girls who like girls.


Hosted by Dannii Minogue and narrated by Charley Marlowe, the series follows 10 singles as they embark on a summer of love - and it all starts with a kiss!

When I Kissed a Boy first launched on BBC Three last summer, viewers were refreshed by its format, notably how it differs from other reality TV dating shows and how it puts the gay community at the forefront of a positive series, and so it was no surprise fans of the show were overjoyed that I Kissed a Girl was in the works.

The new series will follow a fresh group of singletons who are paired up with someone random, and on first meet, they must seal their match with a kiss before entering the Masseria and greeting the other cast members.

As ever, they will play games, there will be brutal exits and shocking drama, but there is something different that makes it work so well.

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Speaking exclusively to RadioTimes.com, new narrator Charley Marlowe said the cast have the chance to be in a "safe space to be themselves" and that is what "gives it that edge".

Charley Marlowe wearing a long red gown. Her hands her on her hips and she is smiling. Her hair is in an undo and had two strands of her falling at the front of her face.
Charley Marlowe. BBC/Two Four

"I just think the fact that the girls can go in this Masseria and it's on their terms," she explained. "Of course, they're looking for love, for relationships, friendship, ideally a partner, but it's the fact they can go in there [and] explore on their own terms.

"If they don't like it, they can leave on their own terms. I think that's what makes it unique."

Marlowe noted that although "everyone wants a little fight now and again" when it comes to reality TV, I Kissed a Girl doesn't have that constantly.

She told RadioTimes.com: "I think, often in a lot of the reality shows that we see, [it] is kind of false and they say that, you know, 'Carry this on, this storyline, let's get as much drama as possible there.'

"Yeah, everyone wants a little bit of a drama. Everyone wants, like, a little fight now and again, but it's not all that, which I just think is lovely.

"Just the fact that they all have got a safe space to be themselves. I think that's what gives it that edge."

The reality series will no doubt prove an education to some viewers, something host Dannii Minogue is hoping for once it debuts on BBC Three.

"The girls bring such a different energy, and I feel stories of girls-who-like-girls have been sadly missing from so much of what we see on TV," said Dannii Minogue in the press notes for the series.

"While the girls open up to possible love, I think so many viewers will be both educated and entertained."

I Kissed a Girl premieres on Sunday 5th May on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.


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