Tom Hiddleston dressed as an actual gorilla to launch new Kong: Skull Island trailer

And yes, of course he can pull it off


Tom Hiddleston donned a gorilla costume on Jimmy Kimmel Live to launch the new Kong: Skull Island trailer – and he looked great.


He stars as an ex-British SAS tracker in the movie with Brie Larson, who plays a war photographer, alongside the biggest Kong ever to thunder onto our screens. 

Jimmy Kimmel: “Why are you dressed as a gorilla?”

Tom Hiddleston: “Well, err, they told me to.”

This guy knows whats up:

The trailer sees Hiddleston and Larson wreaking havoc on a mysterious plot of land discovered by NASA, and also has unexpected hints of comedy among the drama, with John C Reilly’s character quipping that Kong is the type of king who keeps to himself, unless you start trouble.

The movie also stars Samuel L Jackson as a Lieutenant Colonel in the US Army and John Goodman as a government official in charge of the expedition.


Kong: Skull Island conquers UK cinemas on 10 March 2017