Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

2-6 March: Harold returns, while Tyler accepts cash-in-hand work from Dimato

Monday 2 March


Strapped for cash, Tyler tries to sell his bike to Dimato, who makes a counter-offer of some casual work. Brennan and Naomiʼs relationship is more than casual, but neither of them is willing to admit that to the other. Paige finally meets Bryson, the suspected identity thief, but he is adamant that he is innocent. Paul gets the community service workers to collect rubbish around Lassiterʼs, leaving Terese fuming. 

Tuesday 3 March

An excited Brennan reapplies for the police force, but when Naomi goes to share the news with Tyler, Brennan shuts her down. Tyler agrees to do some work on the side for Dimato, unaware that he is being drawn into criminal activities. Lou has a big surprise in store for Toadie and Daniel – Harold is back! Everyone is thrilled to have the Ramsay Street legend in their lives again, but is he keeping a heartbreaking secret? Paige and Bryson bond over her familyʼs plight and she is stunned when he later rejects her. 

Wednesday 4 March

Haroldʼs return to Erinsborough is tinged with sadness as he reveals that he and Carolyn have broken up. Sheila realises that Georgia is not being honest with Kyle about trying for a baby. Amber vows to learn more about her relatives-to-be. Toadie asks Nate to step in as manager at the nursery while Sonya is away, but he turns down the offer, admitting that he is not a natural leader. 

Thursday 5 March

The arrival of Tereseʼs brother Nick puts Brad on edge. Georgia admits to Kyle that she is scared of losing another child. Nate and Chris finally uncover the identity of the underwear thief, much to everyoneʼs surprise. Paul tells Naomi that he has somebody “locked in” to play the Erinsborough Festival, but she realises that his definition of the phrase may not the same as hers. 

Friday 6 March


Brad drops a bombshell on Terese about her brother – on the eve of their wedding he tried to get Brad to leave her. A tired and stressed Matt feels guilt-ridden at not being able to work and takes out his frustration on Bailey. Paige tells Daniel and Amber that their public displays of affection are tactless and that they should rein it in for the sake of others.