TV ratings: 320,000 watch Katie Price’s Harvey documentary on Sky Living

Frankie Boyle trends worldwide as the satellite channel doubles its numbers for the timeslot


Katie Price: Standing Up for Harvey attracted an average audience of 323,900 viewers (a 1.9 per cent audience share) between 9pm and10pm last night on Sky Living. 


The programme, made in response to Frankie Boyle’s joke about the model’s disabled son, Harvey, more than doubled the channel’s average rating -132,000 (0.56 per cent share) – for the slot this year.

A further 87,700 (0.49 per cent share) tuned in on Sky Living +1 to watch the programme, which highlighted the plight of parents bringing up a disabled child.

Boyle became the subject of intense criticism last December after Channel 4 aired a risqué joke about Harvey as part of the comedian’s Tramadol Nights series. 

Despite Ofcom ruling that the content had contravened the programmes code, many critics remained angry at the lack of remorse shown by both the comedian and the broadcaster, a sentiment Price echoed in the film.

A lively debate ensued on Twitter during last night’s broadcast, elevating Frankie Boyle’s name into the top trends worldwide.


It is understood that Boyle was asked to take part in the programme but declined.