Watch an amazing frozen tightrope walk from Channel 4’s Daredevils: Life on the Edge

Fancy seeing a man laughing in the face of death at 2,660 feet? Come on in...

If you suffer from vertigo, you might be best off giving this clip from Channel 4’s upcoming documentary Daredevils: Life on the Edge a miss…


For everyone else though, by crikey, this video of “The Frenchies” walking a tightrope between two snowy cliff faces 2,660 feet above sea level is well worth a watch.

What compels these men to risk their lives doing something so reckless is beyond me, but the video of their antics is rather exhilarating. Here, have a look:

See? Thank heavens for safety harnesses is all I can say. Well, that and, WOW! HE ACTUALLY FELL OFF!


Daredevils: Life on the Edge, which is presented by YouTube mountain biking sensation Danny MacAskill and attempts to shed light on the reasons people engage in risky behaviour for its own sake, will be broadcast on Channel 4 on Monday 2 July. Be sure to have the smelling salts on standby.