Viral videos of the week: Skyfall, Marmite, starlings and experimental rollercoasters

Many videos have been shared widely on the internet in the past seven days. But if you only watch five, watch these five

1. Empirical rollercoaster
If you thought modern, terrifying fairground rides can only be explained as being part of a complex scientific experiment, you’re right!


Watch it all the way through in the unlikely event that you’re not sure what’s going on here.

2. James Bond loses the plot
Honest Trailers score again with this evisceration of the globally overrated Skyfall, which is the “best Bond film ever” despite being riddled with holes and hardly having any James Bond-y bits in.

An admirably thorough job – where is that stolen hard drive? – although Ben Whishaw’s rebooted Q gets off lightly. He’s just a rubbish Tariq from Spooks!

3. Mmmmmmmmmm(armite)
Food blogger Kerstin Rodgers shows you how to make Marmite on toast. You may think you know how to do this already. You do not.

This really is hardcore Marm-porn. Even people who hate Marmite will like it!!! (They won’t.)

4. Air traffic out of control
The planes! The planes! Watch in horror as a whole day’s worth of planes land at San Diego airport in 30 seconds.

This video trickery is a response to this inexplicably hilarious composite still.

5. Murmurating softly
No trickery here, as a crew who were waiting to shoot an advert near Marseille go off and film a flock of starlings instead.


OK, so you can see this regularly in various places around Britain, but will it be nicely edited by skilled Frenchmen, with relaxing music over the top? No. No it won’t.