Emmerdale spoilers: Lawrence asks Katie to prostitute herself in order to trap Robert

Lawrence will be seen making an indecent proposal in scenes to be broadcast next week

Katie Macey is to get an indecent proposal next week when Lawrence White asks her to collude in exposing Robert.


Scenes to be shown on Thursday 6 November will see Katie reeling after businessman Lawrence tells her she can have the farm if she acts as the bait in a honey trap. 

Lawrence is determined to scupper his daughter Chrissie’s relationship with Robert, but will Katie agree to be a part of his plans?

“Lawrence basically asks her to prostitute herself,” says Sammy Winward, who plays Katie. “At first she says no. But then she starts to think, ‘I might get a free farm out of this!’ Katie tries to convince Andy that she and Robert won’t have sex and that it would just be a kiss. She tries to convince Andy it will be OK.”

But Andy will be left far from impressed. “The plan really infuriates him,” comments actor Kelvin Fletcher. “He’s thinking, ‘can no one else see that this is my own brother, who slept with my wife on our wedding night?’ The whole thing is unthinkable, regardless of whether there’s a free farm involved or not. And the fact that Katie is toying with the idea absolutely crushes Andy.”

You can see whether Katie takes Lawrence up on his offer when Emmerdale airs this storyline next week. 


Watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below: