Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

25-29 August: Naomi has a chance to get over Toadie when she employs Josh to do a day’s work at the hotel

Monday 25 August


Josh takes Naomi up on her offer of a day’s work storing delivery boxes. Talk quickly gets round to his experiences of online dating, which results in Naomi showing him her own online profile. Josh makes a clumsy pass at her and things hot up later that evening when the pair are confined in the lift together. Chris, still reeling from Lucy’s request that he father her child, asks around for advice. Karl worries that his exposure as the erotica writer has made him into a laughing stock. 

Tuesday 26 August

Paige visits Kathy in hospital and is surprised to be welcomed with open arms. Conflicted, she confides in Brad that she is uncomfortable with the way Kathy has glossed over the pain she caused the family. Naomi changes her mind at the last minute about how far she is willing to go with Josh, leaving him feeling dejected. Paige is forced to confess after an eyewitness comes forward to report having seen her trashing Harold’s store. 

Wednesday 27 August

Matt will not let Paige off with a warning, much to Lauren’s horror. She is astounded when she later learns that Terese was the person who reported Paige and asks her to withdraw her statement, but Terese refuses. Georgia reluctantly goes to see Karl with a sore throat, but begins to worry when he orders a biopsy. Tired of his notoriety, Karl conspires with Toadie to pin responsibility for the erotic writing on Lou. 

Thursday 28 August

Georgia alienates Kyle with her refusal to tell him about her biopsy, leaving him to learn the news when he overhears her conversation. Lou and Kathy revisit their past in search of a reconciliation. Sheila battles with a series of fantasies inspired by Karl’s writing and hides in the Waterhole’s cold storage room. Meanwhile, Paul heads out there to check the stock and unwittingly lets the door swing shut… 

Friday 29 August


Sheila and Paul’s close confinement unexpectedly leads to the pair opening up emotionally. Bailey’s rival for space camp, Alice, hijacks his talk in class just when he was hoping to address his fear of public speaking. Josh has some success with his job hunt at Brad’s expense when the gym calls about an interview.