Clarkson’s Farm has soared to the top of the UK’s streaming ratings list, according to Barb data supplied by


The first four episodes landed on Prime Video on Friday (3rd May), and they quickly took the top four places at the summit of Barb’s VoD ratings chart from Netflix’s hit stalker series Baby Reindeer.

Between Friday and Sunday, the first episode garnered an audience of 3.7 million, the second achieved 3.1 million, and the third and fourth episodes found 2.5 million and 2.1 million, respectively.

The reach for all episodes so far has been determined as 4.057 million.

Clarkson’s Farm season 3 is therefore on target to beat the seven-day ratings record its second season set last year, when the premiere was watched by 4.3 million viewers on TV sets – the most-watched for an original show in the UK since the country’s rating body started collecting statistics for streaming services.

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Jeremy Clarkson stars in Clarkson's Farm standing by some cows
Jeremy Clarkson stars in Clarkson's Farm. Amazon

Clarkson’s Farm season 3 transports viewers back to Diddly Squat Farm, but this time the farm is facing some seriously daunting challenges: the crops are failing in the hot weather, inflation has driven the prices of supplies sky high, and the farm shop faces closure.

"Jeremy urgently needs to come up with creative new ways of making ends meet, so hatches a plan to turn a profit from hundreds of acres of unfarmed land - thick woodland and hedgerows that make up half of Diddly Squat," the official synopsis reads.

"This triggers an avalanche of Clarkson-crafted schemes, involving everything from goats and pigs to mushrooms, nettles and deer.

"Someone new arrives to Diddly Squat, which puts Kaleb's nose out of joint – as well as the returning characters all working to help Jeremy's farming ambitions come to fruition."

Speaking about what fans can expect, farm manager Kaleb Cooper teased that viewers will see those on Diddly Squat set off with "a bad start".

"It was a really tricky start to the year, I made the decision to plant some rapeseed even though it was a gamble, and I knew it might not work, but that highlights that farming is a risky job," he continued.

Clarkson's Farm premieres on Prime Video on Friday 3rd May 2024. Sign up for a 30-day free trial of Prime Video and pay £8.99 a month after that.


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